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Guardians Of The Galaxy

No description

Elise Watts

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Radio Drama
The serial drama will follow the prelude stories for 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' in a chronological manner, a continuing plot unfolding in a sequential manner from episode to episode.
It is a direct adaptation from the comic books, establishing a 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' franchise and adopting similar music and sounds to establish continuity.
Whilst the first episode contains a largely single-stranded narrative, the series will explore multiple strands of the plotline in a linear fashion, separated by fades, musical interludes, etc.
Due to the science-fiction nature of the comic books, the production will be anti-realist and emphasise the galactic setting and content through music and aural signposting.
As the plot follows events both on Earth and in Space, there are several human characters which can be relatable for an audience.
Various genders, ages, ethnicities, sexualities, etc. are all included in the plotline, along with complex personalities. As a modern comic, characters are written in a way to challenge negative stereotypes, providing depth to
Target Audience
Although it is adapted from a comic,
the more mature content of the plotline means the target audience of this production is teens - young adults upwards.
As no there are few existing radio dramas aimed at this more youthful target audience, I will structure it as if it were a BBC Radio 4
'Teen Hour'.
Whilst people already familiar with 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' may be more attracted to the radio drama, its prelude nature means no-one is excluded from understanding and enjoying the production.
Themes featured in the drama include romance and relationships, violence, space travel, technology and general science fiction.
The target audience does no belong to a specific demographic and can include people of all genders, backgrounds and interests, (phycographic).
Episode One
The first episode will follow Peter
Quill's origin story. It begins in the past, with his mother meeting his father after his spacecraft crashes in her garden.
After an uneasy start, a romance blossoms between the two, but is cut short as J'son (Quill's father) must return to his home.
Years later, Meredith (Quill's mother) is bringing up Peter on her own and must deal with his angst and
temper surrounding his
Meredith: A strong, young adult, female character from rural Colorado, America, is of working class upbringing, independent and determined
J'son: A strong, young adult, male character from the planet Spartax, is of galactic royalty, determined and inquisitive about Earth life, treats Meredith in a traditionally 'gentleman' manner.
Peter: An angsty, child/teen male character, son of Meredith and (unbeknown to him) J'son, is independent, determined and
inquisitive about his father.
Although the science-fiction genre
places the drama in a post-modern
age, life on Earth takes place in what is now the past, so careful consideration will be paid to establishing the time frame.
Due to the nature of the comics, the drama will adopt an omniscient narrative, following events from an omniscient perspective, exploring multiple strands
as well as the internal monologue
of certain characters.
Notable sounds for the first episode
include a distorted phone conversation,
the crashing of a space ship, explosions, gun fire, an interlude to represent time passing, a kiss, the takeoff of a space craft and general ambient sounds to establish the rural country location.
To increase authenticity, the female
and young male voice should have
an American accent.
As the target audience for this
drama is so vast, representation is an important consideration, as the younger audience may identify with characters and form emotional connections.
To ensure the drama is received as positively as possible, representation should not generalise or criticise individuals or minorities. This also adheres to BBC
Radio 4's remit and ensures the
programme is suitable for
any audience.
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