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Mariah L

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Sociology


The friends I surround myself with have one of the biggest impacts on me. Their importance in my social life shapes my values, beliefs, and behaviors. The values my friendships give me are compassion, honesty, and loyalty. Their beliefs often rub off on me as well. When it comes to their views on people in our lives and religious or political outlooks, our discussions always either enlighten me or strengthen my own existing beliefs. My behavior is effected by my friends based on the activities we do together, whether we are just watching movies together or spending time together at a concert.
My family members play a huge role in my life as well. Their presence over the years has also effected my values, beliefs, and behaviors. The values my family has given me are persistence and commitment. Their own personal beliefs are all I knew throughout my childhood. As I grow older I am able to form my own beliefs based on my own life and situation, but anything I decide to latch onto now or in the future will have strong roots in what they taught me about religion, politics, or life in general. My behavior is effected by my family based on the rules and moral code they have created while raising me. I act based on what my family life has shown me to be acceptable or not.
School is another major influence in my life. The administration sets guidelines and punishments to enforce a positive behavior in the classroom settings. I learn to value appropriate conduct among others along with myself. School also teaches me to value my education as it is constantly keeping my interest and widening my horizons. The administration's constant encouragement towards a successful future helps me to believe in myself. This also affects my behavior by encouraging me to take rigorous classes and pushing me towards college.
Music is a huge part of my life. I take the lyrics very close to heart, so when they mirror my own feelings or values, it strengthens them. The values of the artists themselves often impact me. My beliefs are a reflection of the music I listen to as well. Music effects my behavior by the concerts I attend, the music I buy, and the band merchandise I wear.
Media influences my values because my life becomes more centered around social technology for entertainment. My beliefs can quickly be changed by being exposed to informative sources of media. My behavior can also be changed by mirroring what I have seen in media, whether it be positive or negative.

Max Weber (1864-1920)
Weber focused on the diverse groups within society. He studied the ways individuals were effected by society. I find his concept "Verstehen" intriguing. It attempts to understand the motives attached to an individual's actions. This early sociologist is most interesting to me because of his interest in the people respectively.
Functionalist Perspective
I work at the Beaver Dam Country Club. We often host big parties and receptions for weddings. Each of the employees in the kitchen has a specific role they play and as a whole we create a functional system that effectively serves each guest their meal. From the functionalist perspective, one would be able to clearly define the duties of the cooks, the prepper, the waitresses, the bussers, and the dishers to see how they work hand in hand to accomplish the entire process together.
Conflict Perspective
I experienced a situation in which there was a change in power of my bosses. One of the cooks replaced my boss at the time because his work ethics were more advanced. He became head chef and authority over my previous boss. This competition for power directly displays the effects of a conflict in the workplace and how it initiated a shift of power.
Interactionist Perspective
My mom would frequently play music around our house when I was younger. She would sing along and I would admire her beautiful voice. Later in my life, music became a huge part of who I am and I was influenced to join choir to find that same happiness in music that my mother did. This music is a symbol that can be analyzed as a way for me to be more like my mom.
Material Culture
1) Clothes
The way I dress myself is a major way I show how I want to be perceived by others.
2) Computers
Anything that gives me access to the internet connects me to a world of things that are individual to me, depending on what I search for entertainment or research.
3) Music
This is a huge part of my life. What I listen to influences my life just as much as who I am influences what I listen to. Music effects my mood, my style, who my friends are, and the things I do.
4) My Car
I am very dependent on my vehicle. Not only does it get me to where I need to be quickly, but it gives me independence.
5) My House
It gives me and my family shelter, but it also is filled with things that make us unique.
Non-Material Culture
My beliefs set me apart from others. They also create an amazing basis to compare with others and expand my relationships.

2) Education (Knowledge)
What I aspire to learn and put forth an effort in defines who I am. The knowledge I obtain can determine my life's path.

The most important piece of technology in my life other than the things I use for sustenance is, regrettably, my cell phone. I, along with the majority of others in my generation, find myself depending on my phone. My phone helps me to socialize in a way that completely avoids face-to-face confrontation. This effects my social skills. I have access to information at the tips of my fingers which effects my problem solving skills. On the other hand, I am connected to my friends in Germany, and am able to be updated about things I love constantly.
An important symbol in my life is a camera. I am a very nostalgic person, so I like to capture moments that I love with the thought that I'll be able to look back on it and feel some of those same emotions. I take pictures of my friends, family, places I visit, and things I do. A camera to me represents memories I have made, memories that are being made, and memories to be made in the future.
I love to write poetry, so language is a big part of my life. Certain words or phrases can flow with the overall feel of a poem. I try to use language in a specific way to express a thought or feeling and evoke a response from the reader.
I put a huge emphasis on equality. I feel like everyone deserves an equal shot at happiness because happiness is hard enough to get without human factors trying to prevent it. I have many friends who are directly effected by discrimination. I would stand by their side and push for equality the whole way through.
A more that I have seen violated is an 18 year old girl I know in a relationship with a 37 year old man. This is seen as highly unacceptable in society.
Another more I have seen broken is someone drinking while they were pregnant.
My brother likes to force out burps at the table. This is considered to be breaking a folkway because it is not really accepted by our family, but there isn't anything morally wrong with it.
My brother also picks his nose in public. In the same way, there is no moral toll as a result of it, but it is socially unacceptable.
Ethnocentric View: The fast pace of America takes away from the focus of the important things in life like family and puts too much focus on work.
Cultural Relativism: The fast pace of America encourages success. The pace promotes a head-start on a brighter future.

A subculture I belong to is the theater. The environment it provides influences me to be more confident and outgoing. Learning my own role and staying on track influences me to be responsible. Theater requires me to communicate with the rest of the cast and crew and strengthens my people skills.
A sanction is an encouragement or discouragement used to promote conformity to social norms. This can come from a formal source (government or another official form of authority) or informal (without official documentation or from a source without power).
A formal positive sanction is when I got a pay raise at work and became a hostess.
A formal negative sanction I received is when I had to go to detention in 9th grade for having an unexcused tardy.
An informal positive sanction I experienced is when one of my teachers asked for a copy of an essay I did well on to use it as an example in class.
An informal negative sanction I have experienced is when I got scolded by my parents for not unloading the dishwasher.
The Women's Rights Movement
The Women's Rights movement has directly effected me by enabling me to hold a job title equal to a man's. I will have the opportunity to vote.Women are looked at with more credibility because of the women who pushed for social change.
The Gay Rights Movement
I have a lot of friends and family members who are gay. The increasing amount of states making gay marriage legal is giving the same benefits to gay couples as straight couples. Parts of society is having to change their ideas of what is acceptable. In future generations there will be a more recognized view on the gay community with hopefully less judgement.
The Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights movement influenced equality with voting laws, outlawing segregation, and encouraging a view that people are all the same despite their skin color.
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