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My journey with Prezi (so far)

No description

dana zuber

on 19 June 2016

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Transcript of My journey with Prezi (so far)

Jim Szafranski
What are your top issues, problems or questions?
who are our customers?
how can we use data to make money?
Akos Toth-Mate
partnership and teamwork
How can we connect it all?
Doug Ireland
who are our customers?
data stewartship
how can we use data to make money ?
How can we define "value"
Tamas Imre
what should the team work on?
Harley Butler
Jim Banister
(who's name I completely butchered)
help sizing opportunities
what are the big questions?
we need to say no sometimes
how can we effectively communicate?
teamwork and collaboration
optimize repeat users and speed to value but...

... what is value?
what is the context of their creation and consumption?
who are they?
are they in marketing?
...data science?
$30 million from single customers
$10 million from enterprise

what is the opportunity of a new business?
what are the most critical things?
what should we say no to?
how can we work together to solve problems?
what is the user's journey?
how and why?
we have 400 trials per week

...but how can we convert more to pay?
40% of college admision "essays" use a Prezi

we think that parents are introduced to Prezi by their kids
how can we better capture viewership?

50% of viewership are people who viewed another Prezi
where to focus time and energy?
what is the "virtual Prezi loop"?
what are the key "tasks" to upgrade?
x Prezis per month?
first Prezi within x days?
what are the key tasks to renew?
x months active?
x years as "pro" customer?
x shares?
how can we create the behavior we want?
do more of what works...

...and less of what doesn't
know what is directional useful v. 95% confident
trust in the data
super powers
My invisible plane
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