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TRIP Training

No description

Sandy Davis

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of TRIP Training

? ? Let's take a TRIP! www.MDTRIP.org Real-Time
Departures Trip Planner Transit Directory Schedules, Maps & Fares Alternative
Commute www.MDTRIP.org
1-877-331-TRIP (8747) Rail Paratransit Bus Taxi Shuttle Other Biking
Tele-commuting schedules & maps Enter your starting address Enter your ending desitnation Click "plan trip"! ? Nancy Huggins

Philip LaCombe

1-877-331-TRIP (8747) www.MDTRIP.org is a one-stop website for all things transit in the Baltimore metropolitan region. We provide customers, human services agencies and partner organizations with a wealth of information on a wide range of transit and transportation services. In addition, we provide a hotline for immediate assistance—
just dial
1-877-331-TRIP. 1 4 3 2 fares &
other info Set Go! 1 Narrow your search by "county" 2 Locate the
desired route Click "view schedule" or "view map" 3 1 Scroll down to find fare and other information 2 Subways or Metros
Trolleys or Light Rail Intercity Rail
Commuter trains Quick
Smaller bus
Between two points Curb-to-curb service
Typically for disabled and elderly users Curb-to-curb service
Private Operator Car services
Agency- and Client-specific services
Intercity bus services Ready Carpooling
Flex-scheduling transportation resource One-call/one-click 1 2 3 Fixed-route
Local and Express
Bus Rapid Transit
Circulator 2 1 3 Select the service provider Thanks to GPS, many bus systems can accurately provide real-time departure information. Satellite technology and advanced computer modeling allow these transit providers to track vehicles on their routes and make up-to-the-minute time adjustments due to traffic variations, breakdowns or any other problems that can interrupt service. Select your transit system 1 2 3 5 4
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