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Applied ICT unit 2

No description

Liam Hildreth

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Applied ICT unit 2

Applied ICT Unit 2 Task 1 Describe the job functions/ departments within Progress Plants Describe the roles ofthe personeel within Progress Plants and how they interact in relation to the company's structure Describe the main processes carried out by Progress Plants, including the inputs, the processing and the calculationns, and the outputs involved Describe the ICT systems used in Progress Plants Indentify the strenghths and weaknesses of the main systems used in Progress Plants and recommend and explain the improvements/extenions to the system by using ICT in relation to the needs of the company Explain what Progress Plants must do to comply with legislation relating to ICT Task 3 Task 2 Produce a report Produce an information flow chart Progress Plants must maintain the stock levels on non plant items in the warehouse Draw a diagram to show how information moves within Progress Plants and outsiders during re-stocking The Process Starts when the decision is made about what needs to be ordered and ends whe payment is made The diragram should contain..... Who sends the information who receives the information the types of information communicated The method by which it is communicated The Sales and Marketing Director of Porgress Plants wants to replace the current mail order system withone that uses e-commerce
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