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Pender's Health Promotion Model

Chart on Pender's Health Promotion Model

Bonnie DeLap

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Pender's Health Promotion Model

The Case of Lucia Percieved Benefits Health
Longer Life
Less Tired
Management of Stress, Depression,
& Anxiety Percieved Barriers Time
Family Committments
Language Percieved
Self-Efficacy Lack of Exercise Knowledge & Skills
Lack of Healthy Eating Knowledge & Skills
Lack of Positive Heath Models
Lack of Resources-money, tools and supporters
Poor Self-Image Activity Related
Affect Ambivalent
Positive /bikeing
& dancing
Anxious Interpersonal
Influences Situational
Influences Lack of Family Involvement
Lack of Workout Partner
Lack of Cultural support (acculturation)
Hegemonic paradigme
Cultural food expectations
celebrations/family Long Work hours
Physical Job
Transport Issues
Lack of Self-Care/
Poor neighborhood for Exercise-
cars, dogs, safty, terrain.
Education Commitment to a Plan Immediate Competing
Demands Health Promoting
Behaviors I’m Lucia, a 43 y/o Hispanic primarily Spanish speaking woman who lives in the inner city. I am 5’4 and 178# (BMI 30.6). I got pregnant and married right out of high school. Although I would like to lose weight, my family thinks I am fine the way I am because we are all “big boned”. I feel like my body is changing and I am uncomfortable with the way I look.
I take 2 buses to get to the hospital by 7am where I am a food service worker. I walk all day delivering meals to patients and am exhausted by the end of my shift. I don’t understand why work doesn’t keep off my weight. I also eat the cafeteria food and get a couple of snacks out of the vending machine during breaks, which I know isn’t good for me.
When I get home I prepare the traditional Latino food that my two boys and husband love. Money is tight and we often just have enough to make ends meet. On the weekends I meet with friends or family, go to church, and rest. My sister comes over on Saturday morning and we have breakfast together. My husband works most weekends so I clean and prepare meals.
When my son’s were younger we used to ride bikes together, but now all I do is clean, sew and cook. I used to love to go to Quinceaneras, or out on the weekend and Salsa dance. But my husband is a mechanic and works overtime at the UPS to make extra money. My son’s are gone with friends most times and I feel lonely some days. I think losing weight would be good for me but I feel lost and don’t know where to start.
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