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The Bethune-Cookman University Concert Chorale

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Alexis Astrop

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of The Bethune-Cookman University Concert Chorale

The Bethune-Cookman University Concert Chorale
As Time Fly's
After years of recruitment for the newly named Bethune Gospel Choir Dr. Demps decided to change the sound from gospel to a more contemporary sound to show versatility to the students and faculty.
As he finished his first year of conducting the choir then held their first choir Christmas Concert Dr. Bethune decided to change the name from the Bethune Gospel Choir to the now known Concert Chorale due to them having a more sophisticated sound.
1971 Concert Chorale
In The Beginning
Dec 1904 Dr. Mary McLeod called for a gospel choir to perform for the christmas candelight service in the chapel.
She later than stated that the school needed a choir for chapel as well as other sacred ceremonies on the campus
She appointed the first director. Dr Thomas D. Demps. who at the time was the music instructor as well as the schools pianist.

A New Beginning
In 1973 Dr. Thomas D. Demps dies of a sudden death during a choir rehearsal causing the chorale to be on hold until they find a new director
In the spring of 1974, under the presidency of Dr. Oswald Bronson Dr. Rebecca Walker Steele was the newly appointed director for the Concert Chorale continuing the sound that Dr. Demps started, and continuing the chorale to grow into a World Renown Chorale. She then gave the chorale theme of Bach to Gospel. Which is having a classical sound and transitioning to a gospel sound.
Dr. Rebecca Walker-Steele
In 2011 Dr. Rebecca Walker-Steele retired after 35 years of teaching at the "Great" Bethune-Cookman University. The Concert Chorale is currently under the direction of Mr. Damon Dandridge, who is making it his plan to continue the legacy of Dr. Steele.
2012 Concert Chorale
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