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Tasmanian Devil

No description

Charles Herndon

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devils can be
found all
over Australia
Are they a endangered species???
Tasmanian Devils are in danger
due to a rare disease that
only Tasmanian Devils can get
How did they get the name, Tasmanian Devil???
Tasmanian Devils often let out loud screeches and screams. A long time ago they lived in Europe and a villager would hear them. The villagers would become so sacred, and thus, they started to say that the screams were coming from the devil. that's how they got there name.
How long do they live???
Tasmanian devils live to about five years old, or more if they are
held in captivity
What do they eat???
Tasmanian Devils eat birds,
snakes, fish, insects, and they often
fight over a dead carcass
Tasmanian devil
Where do they live???
Are they Dangerous???
Tasmanian devils are not dangerous unless they feel cornered or threatened
What is there history???
They first originated in South America then migrated to Australia
how do they establish dominance?
when a dead carcass is found all the male devils will fight over it until one remains or all give up
What do they live in???
They all live in caves that is warm
Do they hibernate???
THey have no need to hibernate because they have nice food and temperature year round, but they do sleep during the day
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