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Human Family by Maya Angelou

No description

Grace Cordeiro

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Human Family by Maya Angelou

equality and acceptance
despite our many differences we all share the same goal
our differences bring us together
'similar differences' and 'human family'
no one identical exists
"mirror twins are different although their features jibe"
Diction & Tone
some hostility: wishes to condemn racists
wants to prove we can coexist in peace
starts off blunt
transitions into a more gentle tone
Imagery & Devices
stanzas three, four and five: hyperboles are used
"brown and pink and beige and purple, tan and blue and white"
brings attention to the idea she's trying to get across
second stanza: lives, live and lived & real and really
final lines"we are more alike my fiend than we are unalike"

Overall Response
world's acceptance has gotten better
society needs to get rid of common prejudices
overall a very successful poem
there is hope that we can all be accepting
stanza five: euphony
"who really were the same"
message and rhythm balance each other out
rhyme is important in connecting the themes
Structure & Concepts
first two stanzas: noting the key differences
third stanza: notes the obvious skin colour differences
next three stanzas: uses hyperbole's
stanzas seven and eight: actions around the world
last stanza + lines: concludes the poem
Human Family by Maya Angelou
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