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Video Games ,Yes or No

No description

peng song

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Video Games ,Yes or No

Technology Shopping Music Movie Play games Etc Video Game GOOD!! Entertaining ,Full of Fun BAD!! Too violent to play bad for teens Video Games Yes or No ? To ban or not to ban,
this is a question.... By Peng Song Disadvantages Influence Research found that teens are found more aggressive after playing violent video games. Plus some video games are too violent for kids to play. Lack of self-control usually it is hard for kids to control themselves ,especially when they doing enjoyable things like playing games. Health issue It has been noticed for a long time that those kids who love playing video games are usually having more health problem,physically and mentally. Any benefit ? YES! Of Course!! Artificial Some video games have perfect graphics. Good Way To Release Stress Brain Training Benefits Disadvantages Aiming to avoid playing violence games , we have "rating system." People in different ages can play different games. usually games contain a lot of violent elements are rated "M+" Click here to lean more:
http://www.hioz.org/ibbs/thread-899052-1-1.html Doesn't work !! There aren't enough reason to ban video games .Rather than thinking about how harmful video games are, people might should take the responsibilities on their own. Video games doesn't necessarily have to be banned . It is not video games being harmful but people's strong wish of playing games . Have a wish of playing games .Have wish to choice of games and always follow the rating system , that way kids will have a healthier life Thank You ! Peng Song
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