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"Bridge to Terabithia" Introduction

No description

Teresa Ferreira

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of "Bridge to Terabithia" Introduction

by Katherine Paterson Bridge to Terabithia How one (1) teacher makes a difference! How to deal with tragedy, and how to move on. How to allow your imagination the freedom to enjoy... She now lives in Vermont, USA where she is a fictional children's author, is married to a Presbyterian Minister (John Paterson) and has four (4) children Katherine
Paterson Born in China in 1932 -parents were missionaries How to build a new friendship, and be loyal. She always felt like an outsider in school - her characters feel this way too Her book, "Bridge to Terabithia" won the Newbery Medal in 1978 When people ask me what qualifies me to be a writer for children, I say I was once a child. But I was not only a child, I was, better still, a weird little kid, and . . . there are few things, apparently, more helpful to a writer than having once been a weird little kid.

—Katherine Paterson "Bridge to Terabithia" takes place in rural Virginia, not far from
Washington, D.C., and its suburbs -
the fictional town of Lark Creek. She won a Newbery Medal for "Jacob Have I Loved" three (3) years later When I set out to write I guess my conscious thing is not that I’m going to teach a message but that I’m going to tell a true story, and then I will trust the reader to learn from it whatever he or she wants to or is able to.—Katherine Paterson "Bridge to Terabithia" takes place in the Appalachian Mountains. "Bridge to Terabithia" is about two friends who create an imaginary world. "Bridge to Terabithia" is about developing the courage to face everyday challenges, both great and small. "Bridge to Terabithia's" main characters are Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke.
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