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Shadow Box Lesson

No description

Morgan Williams

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Shadow Box Lesson

Don't Judge a Box By Its Cover
Pieces of me
Theme: Expression of Myself
Joseph Cornell
Shadow box artist
: Combines fragments of newspaper and pre-printed/pre made material together.

Shadow Box:
Three dimensional boxes used to display object in various depths.

Symbols: iconic
images or stamps that represents an actual idea, object, people, etc. Common or widely recognizable by the common people.
Joseph Cornell was born in 1903. He would collect things that meant a lot to him and then ever so carefully arrange and assemble them into boxes, making them assemblaged art pieces.
adding many surfaces over each other to create a specific effect in artwork.
Overlapping: To layer elements in artwork off to see each layer to create depth and interest.
Arrange: put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order. Deciding on placement.
Louise Nevelson
= ?
= ?
= ?
What Objects can you use to create a shadow box?
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= ?
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