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P2 Rome

No description

Savannah Marie Burhenn-Roach

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of P2 Rome

Rome R.E.C.I.P.E. Religion They had a system of gods, There were
diffrent gods for diffrent beliefs. Enviorment They used rich soil to grow crops,
and they they had rivers for fresh water. They had plains
to grow crops. Culture They were good at hunting for
food but at times it was
hard for the poors. Inventions They invented lots of etruscan
jewelry On the streets were non-welthy children would push wheels and fly kits Politics One groupe of people ran the goverment, They had balences and checks. There were the riches and the poors Economy The Romens had
Remus. The poor life
wasent all
Easy The rich life
wasent easy
eather. Cool Facts The two kids or todlers were
taken care of by a she wolf. Roman kind was vary good at
astomamy and ecetra. The romans also made there own calendar and it had 365 days in a year 4 weeks in a mounth 7 days in a week. THE END
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