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Marketing Plan

No description

Jason Eisner

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
Nowadays, an integral part of almost every college student's night out, is the late night food spot. After a long night out of dancing and partying, the prospect of swallowing something cheesy, sugary, and delicious becomes incredibly enticing. In Ann Arbor, however, one of the country's greatest college towns, the late night options are limited. The only viable options for students serve pizza and bar food. This fact, combined with the recent trend of over the top deserts and breakfast at any time of the day, makes the idea for a late night waffle house in Ann Arbor a sure hit. The entirety of this marketing plan will provide all the necessary information regarding the future and the success of this business, and explain what "The Big Waffle House" must do to market itself and become profitable.

The actual marketing plan that will be outlined later in this presentation follows the path of a guerilla marketing plan. Guerilla marketing is a type of marketing that uses cost-effective strategies, in creative and innovative ways, in order to create a large buzz and garner positive social reactions. This cost-effectiveness allows for small businesses, like "The Big Waffle House" to market themselves successfully within a budget.
Company Description
-Dedicated to serving sweet, savory, and delectable dishes.
-Name is taken from the University of Michigan's famous football stadium, The Big House.
-Menu includes a variety of waffle flavors, eggs, hash browns, and different side dishes.
-Hours - 7:00 AM-12:00 PM & 11:00 PM-4:00 AM.
-We offer students something different!
-We provide a product students will love!
-A place like this in a college town is in high demand.
-We can satisfy that demand!
Missions and Goals
-We aim to become the premiere late night food spot for U-M students.
-We will draw students in with our food and our social atmosphere, which includes:
-Toppings bar
-Lounge area with waffle chairs
-Food is most important! Our waffles are unmatched
-Handmade Waffles
-Handpicked fruit
-Hours of preparation
-Our marketing plan will draw in many students
-Signature Dishes
-Wolverine Waffle
-Big House Hash Browns
-First Down Flap-Jacks
-Everything starts with buzz!
-Customers will taste our food, and word will quickly spread
S.W.O.T. Analysis
The Big Waffle House
Marketing Plan

-Our food fills a very specific niche role
-People do not eat waffles every day
We have the ability to become a staple in the Ann Arbor food community.

-Other late night eateries in Ann Arbor:
-New York Pizza Depot
-BTB Burrito
-Students may be loyal to these restaurants.
The marketing mix is the essence of this entire presentation. It is where we will finally outline the guerilla marketing campaign for which this marketing plan is written.
A vital part of guerilla marketing is creating a memorable experience for consumers that they would want to tell their friends about or post about on social media. Basically, it should be unlike any of the normal advertisements that consumers see everyday without batting an eye.
Many guerilla marketing campaigns attempt to create this memorable experience at bus stops. They do so because thousands of different people sit at these stops every day, and they could always use something to look at
Example 1
Example 2
These interactive bus stop ads have proven to be successful, and this marketing plan employs a similar strategy. Thousands of U-M students occupy the C.C. Little Bus stops every day. They sit there for a few minutes, sometimes longer, waiting for buses to and from class.
As you can see, the seats at this bus stop are conveniently square-shaped. Our plan is to paint or poster these seats to give them the appearance of our waffles. Then, on the arm rests, we will place our name, "The Big Waffle House," and our logo.
This may seem like any old, boring advertisement; however, it is the following interactive, guerilla aspects that we think will really draw the customers in. Under each seat, we will place custom air fresheners that emit the strong, delightful aroma of waffles and maple syrup. While the students at the bus stop may not even give the waffle seats a second look, there is no way they would be able to ignore that enchanting aroma. As they wonder where it comes from, trying to sniff out the source, they will find themselves looking down at the seats, seeing our advertisement, and then of course making plans to stop by.
C.C. Little
This idea holds true to the ideals behind guerilla marketing, as it provides consumers with a unique, memorable experience unlike anything offered by other companies, and anything they have previously experienced. We are sure that students will go home that day excited to tell their friends about their experience. In fact, we are sure they will tell their friends they have to experience it for themselves, and the customers will be at our doors in no time.

One of a kind product!

New, Exciting Experience!
In Conclusion:
Our waffles speak for themselves!
Our guerilla marketing plan will succeed!
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