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julia torres

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Mockingbird

Author: Kathryn Erskine
By: Julia Torres (The Fluffy)

Problem (what is standing in the way)
She has a some problems. Her brother is dead. He was killed in a school shooting at Virginia Dare Middle School, with another student and a teacher. Which also means that she is depressed and doesn't show much feeling, other then anger. (sometimes) She wants to find closure and try going on with her life. Another problem, she has Asperger's Syndrome. Which makes it harder to understand others and make friends.
This is the paperback design on the cover of Mockingbird.
This is a picture of art pastals
This is a picture of a Mockingbird. The bird that Caitlin carved into Devon's Chest.
Moral or Theme
Meet the Characters
The main character is a 11 year old girl named Caitlin. She is just a ordinary girl with a dead brother and Asperger's syndrome that wants a normal life. Another main character in the novel is Caitlin's father. In the story he is mostly pretty quiet. He takes a few crying showers and his eyes get watery once in a while thinking about Devon, Caitlin's brother. The next main character is Michael. He is a little 1st grader and Caitlin's first friend in a while. They met after Caitlin had a breakdown at recess with a kid in her grade, Josh, the cousin of her brother's killer, pushes someone on the playground and she tells him that's not polite. After, he screamed that it was his cousin who killed Devon not him, and kept screaming things about Devon and Caitlin ran from recess and cried. Then, the last character, Mrs.Brook, Caitlin's Social Work Teacher, moved her to recess with the little kids. This is how Michael and Caitlin met. Throughout the story she has taught Caitlin to
Look At The Person
Mind Your Manners
This is a facial expressions chart that Mrs. Brook would use for Caitlin to show how others are feeling.
Figurative Language
My favorite Part of this Novel
My favorite part of this novel was chapter 30-end of book. I like these 10 chapters because this is when the family started making progress and started rebuilding the chest from Devon in eagle scouts. These chapters did make me cry in between each one because some of it was touching, sad, and
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I loved this book! Also I loved that she made many more friends. In about chapter 25, Caitlin tried making friends with Emma, the most popular and pretty girl in her grade, but Emma told her she was disturbing and weird, and Caitlin went to Mrs. Brook and cried. Later on in the book someone tells Caitlin the drawing she drew was cool but she probably just traced it. Emma came forward and said that she's seen how amazing Caitlin could draw and that it was really drawn by Caitlin. This made me feel really touched and happy that Emma is trying to stand up for the "weird and disturbing" girl and is now trying to be nice and make friends with Caitlin, and then later on in the novel.
Goal (what the character wants)
The goal for Caitlin is to find closure and move on. Closure is having peace when someone you love dies.
The settings are in her school, at her home, at recess in school, and Mrs. Brook's room, in a little Virginia town. (Did not say the time in my story)
Thank You for watching this Prezi!
The thing that this book really did was it told me how bad depression could be and how hard it is to make friends when your going through a hard time only cause children like us don't understand how important it is to help others that are in need so that they don't do anything stupid like suicide or try and hurt someone else because its not right. This is how Caitlin felt. She was depressed, she felt alone, she had no friends, but never ONCE did she think of suicide. She believed she could help her community and family find closure. She was going through a very hard time and she worked through it.
Moral: Overcoming losses and Helping others in need, (making friends and including others.)

This novel is about a depressed, lonely, 11 year old girl named Caitlin that has Asperger's syndrome, a shot-dead brother, and a cancer-killed mother. This novel is from Caitlin's point of view, on how she sees life and what she thinks. The story is mostly about how Caitlin tries to find closure for her community and her family, (Her father and herself.) She sees things in black and white and anything in between confuses her , until she sees the word closure and wants to find it. Slowly, things become colored in Caitlin's little life and she ends up with more friends, happiness, and a "good and strong and beautiful" life. She makes new friends like Michael, a little first-grader, Josh, the cousin of her brother's killer, Mrs. Brook, Caitlin's counsler, and many others. She works very hard believing that if she finished an eagle scout project that belongd to her brother she would help her family and community find a little more closure. To read about Caitlin and her long journey to finding closure, go and checkout:
Mockingbird By Kathryn Erskine
Idiom: "When people say it's raining cats and dogs it isn't really. That just means it's raining a lot" (Erskine 135)
Onomatopoeia: "I'm nervous enough. My Heart is going POUND-POUND-POUND." (Erskine 223)

My three objects mean......
Object 1 means: Which is a art set, shows Caitlin's love for making art,(Drawing pictures.) Including the pastels she got as a gift at the end of the book.
Object 2 means: It is a dictionary, which was pretty much Caitlin's only friend at the time. She took it with her everywhere she went.
Object 3 means: It's a piece of wood with the word "Scout" written on it. The word "Scout" was carved into the Devon's chest because he used to call her Scout from "To kill a Mockingbird." He used to say he was like Jem, Caitlin was like Scout, and their father was like Atticus. (Characters from "To kill a Mockingbird.")

She finishes Devon's eagle scout chest, and she finds closure.
My Reaction or Mood
Throughout my novel I felt hopeful and very depressed, because in the story some parts are very touching and made me cry because she failed a few times but she gets back up and tries again.
In the end Caitlin shows the eagle scout project at a ceremony for the victims of the shooting in Virginia Dare Middle School.
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