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Small Projects in Tableau

No description

Jamey Rasnick

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Small Projects in Tableau

And why do I care?
What is a project?
"A project is the work that needs to be done to produce, a predefined outcome within a predetermined period of time..."
Success - Closing the project
Issues and challenges encountered
Lessons learned

Customer satisfaction survey
Customer recommendations
(Execute & Control)
Status Reports - Communication Plan
Two types of weekly reports:
Sponsor/Stakeholder status report
Team status report
What each report should address:
what has been accomplished since last report
variations from schedule
any project issues that have arisen
Scheduling and Estimating
1. Resource identification

2. Requirements gathering

3. Data sourcing

4. Analysis and design

5. Development

6. Quality Assurance

7. User Acceptance Testing
Sponsor Support and Scope Definition
Who is your Sponsor

What is the Business Issue

What are the Objectives

What are the Deliverables
Managing Small Tableau Projects
Identification - Planning - Execution
Project Work versus Ongoing Work
People have a tendency to meld project work with ongoing support or maintenance. Project work usually suffers because it is less urgent that operational work.
Project Definition
Project Life Cycle
Sponsor Support and Scope Definition

Scheduling and Estimating

Execute & Control
Status Reporting/Communication Plan

Success - Closing the Project
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