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Samuel DEe Champlain

No description

Hayden Thomas

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Samuel DEe Champlain

Samuel De Champlain
The Great French Explorer
About Samuel
Born in 1574 in Brouge France
He passed away on 1635 in Quebec City
He was an explorer and a government diplomat
He's physicaly described as Tall, lanky, curly hair, facial hair and sharp facial features

He was part of a family of 5 with his wife Hellen Boulle and his three daughters Charity, Hope, and Faith

None if his early life was recorded and we are not sure when he was born.
Personality Profile

Ironicly was afraid of water and insecure about his mustache, he almost drowned.
His secret to success comes from his uncle who taught him and from exploring with his family.
He was very honored to make it to the New world because that was his goal
Any present day advice to achieve greatness would just be followyour dreams.

Claim to Greatness
One if his notable features was forming Quebec, he left in 1601 and arrived in 1603
Another Major Obstetrical was learning to sail the aggressive Atlantic ocean, especially when he sailed to New France
He Created which is now Quebec City, they even made a statue of him.
And one of his most significant events was ending the war between the French and English.

His nickname was SamY
Was born Protestant then converted to Catholicism
He likes creating things, exploring, being in charge and he hates water and bugs.
Lastly his mentors were his family, they were the ones that taught him.
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