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Transcription and Translation

No description

Courtney Crider

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Transcription and Translation

Template and Location
Products and Energy sources
Messenger RNA

Transcription and Translation
Molecules and Enzymes Involved

amino acids
What Happens During Translation
rRNA binds to the mRNA template.
matches tRNA anitcodons with the mRNA codons.
Break the amino acids off tRNA and attach them to each other.
What is Transcription and Translation?
Molecules and Enzymes involved

RNA Nucleotides
Messenger RNA- RNA that carries genetic information
Template and location.
Begins in the nucleus.
Transcription is the synthesis of RNA using a DNA template.
Translation is the synthesis of a polypeptide with the help of ribosomes.

RNA Polymerase- Pries 2 strands of DNA apart and hook RNA nucleotides together.
Start and Stop
Initiation- the first stage of transcription
Termination- Last stage of transcription (the end)
Starts with one strand of DNA
Promotor- Signs the start
Terminator-signals the end
What Happens during Transciption
Begins in the cytoplasm
Starts with mRNA

aminocyl tRNA
Energy Source:

Polymerase unwinds DNA
RNA nucleotides are added to the 3'
Nucleotides are added to new strand from 5' to 3'.
Double Helix is reformed.
Products and Energy Sources
Energy Sources:


polypeptide chain
Process of transcription
I think I understand, but tell me one more time.
What is the purpose of tRNA?
A. To bind amino acids
B. Break off amino acids
C. Carry amino acids until they can be connected by rRNA
D. It is a template for translation
The rRNA matches tRNA and mRNA, then takes the amino acid from the tRNA making a polypeptide chain.
What happens during transcription?
A. mRNA is synthesised and amino acids are attached to tRNA
B. tRNA is synthesised and amino acids are attched to mRNA
C. rRNA binds tRNA and mRNA
D. rRNA creates a polypeptide
RNA Polymerase replicates the DNA template creating the mRNA. The amino acids are attached to tRNA.
DNA Template Example
Start and Stop
Initiation- the first stage of translation
Promotor- Signs the start
Termination- Last stage of transcription (the end)
Terminator- signals the end
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Transcription and Translation
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How is tRNA made and what does it do?
tRNA is made from the splicing of pre-tRNA
In the cytoplasm the tRNA strand is curled up into a "t" shape
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase bind the corresponding amino acid to the tRNA
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