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The Fundamental 5

No description

David Dunphy

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Fundamental 5

The Fundamental 5
Framing the lesson
Work in the Power Zone
Frequent, Small Group, Purposeful Talk about the learning
Recognize and Reinforce
Write Critically
Framing the Lesson
Quick Write
- At the start of each class, how do you frame your lesson?
Work in the Power Zone
This is teaching or monitoring in close proximity to one student, or a small group of students or the entire classroom of students.
Frequent, Small -Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning
Recognize and Reinforce
The Fundamental 5
Framing the Lesson
Two Distinct parts
Framing the Lesson
Part 1
Daily Learning objective
A statement of what the student can expect to learn today.
Framing the lesson
Part 2
Closing question, product, or task
Clearly states how the student will demonstrate his or her understanding of the learning objective.
Language Arts -
Objective: We will identify and discuss the themes of Macbeth.
Closing Task: I will share with my partner which of the Macbeth themes apply to my life and why.

Math -
Objective: We will identify the elements of line equations.
Closing Task: I will write down how I will explain slope to a family member.
Power Zone 2
Power Zone 3
Power Zone 1
After every 10-15 minutes of teacher driven instruction, or at the completion of a major instructional concept, the teacher briefly stops talking and has groups of 2-4 students briefly discuss a seed question related to the instruction or activity.
Adult Language/Student Language
Some students can comprehend adult "speak" while many others cannot. FSGPT allows students who do not possess "adult" speak to hear from peers who can "translate"
The Primacy/Recency Effect
In learning episodes we tend to remember best that which comes first, and that which comes last

FSGPT helps to "reset" learning memory over time
FSGPT increases RIGOR as teacher can use seed questions at various levels of Blooms -
FSGPT increases relevance as students can connect on a personal level
Talk like a Genius Stems
Smart question: Give an example of...?
Smarter question: Contrast this to...?
Smartest question: Find a better solution to...?
Academic Recognition/Academic Reinforcement
Important to recognize the INTERIM levels of academic success not just when they have "arrived"
Important to reinforce the work and EFFORT that is required to reach a certain level of success
Social and Behavioral Recognition/Reinforcement
Reinforce behaviors that teachers want to see more of and removal of reinforcement of behaviors the teacher wants to see less of
Recognition in this arena is about personalization - providing clarity in relation to who is being addressed.
Write Critically
Writing for the purpose of organizing, clarifying, defending, refuting, analyzing, dissecting, connecting, and/or expanding on ideas or concepts
*Is not required to be a full blown "essay"
*Rigor and relevance are emphasized
*Increase in amount of material that can be recalled and the speed at which it can be recalled
*Formative assessment/Summative assessment
*Natural Closing product
With your PLC group, use one of your lesson plans and rewrite it using F5 Framing the lesson concept

Objective and closing task.
Look at your current lesson plan and identify Power zones you would be in at various times of the lesson.
List 3-5 targeted student behaviors or accomplishments you want to encourage in your students
*Make a list of the Fundamental 5

*Decide which of the Fundamental 5 is the most important and write that down.
*Write 3-5 sentences defending why you chose this particular part of the Fundamental 5 as the most important
*Get with a partner and read and discuss your position
The Foundation Trinity
Common Scope and Sequence
Short Term Common Formative Assessments
Formative Observations
Now You Try
Do Activity on p.64 of the Fundamental 5 book
Look at your current lesson plan and decide where you could insert FSGPT
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