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Vocational Teachers Education

Overview of Vocational Teachers Education in the Netherlands

Tom Hogendoorn

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Vocational Teachers Education

How to become a Vocational Teacher in the Netherlands Qualification requirements What competences are required for a teacher in vocational education in the Netherlands? Competences Overview of vocational teachers education Further professionalization on effectiveness of Professional Development Discussion Knows the common practice of the profession he/she is teaching
Develops meaningful learning activities in perspective to the profession and also assignments in association with companies
Is capable to team up with colleagues in case of team teaching 1. Second degree teacher education in common or vocational subjects
(full time, dual, part time, flexible routes, customized)

2. Career changer short second degree teachers education or certificate pedagogical didactic education

3. High Vocational Education - topyear (dual)

4. First degree teachers education Seven qualification requirements A good teacher.....
1. Has interpersonal competence
2. Has pedagogical competence
3. Has professional and didactic competence
4. Has organizational competence
5. Is competent in working with colleagues
6. Is competent in working with the school environment
7. Is competent in reflection and development http://www.onderwijscooperatie.nl/onderwijscooperatie-bekwaamheid.html?onco&artikelen&112 1. Learning in the workplace

2. Separate training in the school

3. Integral development of teachers and organization

4. The academic school Four approaches for further education http://www.onderwijsraad.nl/upload/publicaties/619/documenten/hoe-goed-leiden-wij-v-mbo-docenten-op.pdf In relation to the education Helps students to develop collegial behavior and a professional identity
Defines the individual learning tracks with the students
Encourages the student to put into words his or her learning experiences
Discusses the development of the student with the supervisor of the company In relation to the student
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