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Farnsworth AP English Vocabulary

Patrick McGill

patrick McGill

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth AP English Vocabulary

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Patrick McGill AP English Vocabulary Prezi AP Vocab Week 7 AP Vocab Week 6 Myriad: innumerable, incalculable, infinite, no end to
Standing on the top of Mt. Everest we could see for a myriad of miles.
Accolade: recognition of achievement
The solider returned from war; after overcoming many near death experiences and received an accolade for his courage and bravery.
Grandiloquent: Using showy, elaborate, and big words and hand gestures in an attempt influence
The businessmen used an abundance of grandiloquent words in an attempt to convince the client that they were the best candidates for the job.
Caucus: a group gathered to make a decision, council
The caucus that was suppose to create an attractive compromise that would help everyone failed miserably.
Dromedary: A Western Asian and Northern African camel that only has one hump
The old dromedary provided nourishment as well as companionship to the African village.
Demonic: bad, devilish, wicked, violent
The man that Young Goodman Brown met on the path in the forest gave off a demonic ambiance.
Noxious: corruptive, detrimental, toxic, unhealthy
The noxious acids used in the chemistry lab had to be handled extremely carefully.
Proficient: able, capable, competent, experienced
After completing the algebra one class the student was proficient when it came to solving linear equations.
Harangue: drawn out, lengthily sermon
The parents harangued their son for a half-hour after he received his first speeding ticket.
Atrophy: disintegrate, deteriorate
After sitting in the hot Arizona sun for ten years the rubber window seals on the Corvette had been atrophied. Lassitude: exhaustion, fatigue, weakness
The man experienced the feeling of lassitude after he got done working a twelve-hour shift.
Coterie: clique, clan, brotherhood
The popular girls formed a coterie to berate girls of a lower social status on the first day of high school.
Ballistics: the science behind how a projectile moves in flight.

Ambiance: surroundings, atmosphere
The single, bare light bulb gave the room a dark, dismal and eerie ambiance.
Girth: the circumference or distance around something
As prevention against future floods, wastewater engineers were commissioned to build a storm sewer drain with a large enough girth to comfortably handle any future run off water.
Askew: cockeyed, off center
The majority of the pictures in the house hung askew on the wall after the earthquake.
Cubism: the style of art that uses the repetition of smaller objects to create a bigger picture.
The famous artist introduced the style of cubism allowing it to be quickly accepted by society.
Cranny: crevice, crack
The originally small cranny became big after water froze inside of it.
Enrage: aggravate, anger, irritate
The man was enraged with the airlines when they slapped him with huge fees.
Propulsive: having the ability or power to move
The propulsive submarine moved through the water swiftly. AP Vocab Week 1 AP Vocab Week 3 Ap VocabWeek 4 Bulwark: an obstacle, a barrier, protection, security
The linemen on the football team formed an impenetrable bulwark.
Austere: bare, blunt, simple, to the point
The low cost car was very austere compared to the high priced corvette.
Aloof: removed, detached, distant uninterested
The boy sat on the sideline of the game in an aloof manor playing his Game Boy.
Cerebral: smart, using ones brain
The theoretical physicist had to be very cerebral to do well on the final.
Lament: to mourn, kick ones self
The A student lamented not studying more after he received a C on the test.
Cacophony: jarring, unpleasant, unmelodious
The car made a loud cacophony when it started and was in desperate need of a tune up.
Incongruous: out of place, inappropriate, unsuited
The student's incongruous remark that he aimed at the teacher landed him in detention.
Chattel: a personal belonging
The homeless man kept all of his chattels in a nap sack.
Connoisseur: professional, specialist
The music major was a connoisseur of the fine arts.
Expunge: to get rid of, eradicate
The roach infestation was expunged from the home by the exterminator. Reminisce: the action of remembering or thinking back on the past.
I often reminisce about my cross-country season this year.
Histrionic: very drawn out, exaggerated
The man was very histrionic when he spoke to high school teenagers about how dangerous texting and driving is.
Quixotic: good in theory, but unrealistic
Finding true love in high school that will last a lifetime is quixotic.
Arduous: strenuous, backbreaking, exhausting
Working sixteen-hour days of construction in the summer is very arduous.
Beleaguer: annoy, badger, bother, pester
The student enjoyed beleaguering students and therefore was disliked by many.
Dulcet: peaceful, comforting
The crowd was silent as the violinist preformed her solo was very dulcet.
Porcine: pig like qualities
After the nineteen-hour plane flight with only small snacks, the man's appetite was a bit porcine when he landed.
Opportune: perfect, ideal, favorable
The tiger waited for the opportune moment to pounce on his prey.
Milieu: habitat, background, atmosphere
The animal was very cautious and uncertain when he was transported to his new milieu.
Bludgen: a small, elongated, blunt object
The man took his anger out on his neighbor by bludgeoning his mail box. Pictures AP Vocab Week 2 Trenchant: keen, sharp, critical, hurtful, sarcasm
The debaters destroyed the competition with their trenchant comments.
Procrastinate: to wait, delay, postpone, prolong
The boy procrastinated cleaning his room as long as he could.
Roster: head count, census, list of names
The platoon roster listed the soldier’s name and ID number.
Impede: block, interfere, delay, get in the way of
The fallen tree, which had knocked down power lines, impeded the family from reaching their destination.
Forbear: control oneself, resist, hold back
The park rangers enforce that you forbear from feeding any of the animals.
Migratory: constantly moving to another place
Birds are migratory animals and travel to warmer climates in the winter.
Evade: get away from, deceive, avoid, dodge
The fugitive evaded police for two weeks before being caught.
Efface: get rid of, wipe off, eradicate, erase, eliminate
The delinquent students spent their Saturday effacing graffiti from the school lockers.
Asunder: broken apart, detached, isolated
Homes in the country that are asunder are rising in scarcity.
Incite: provoke, encourage, agitate, excite
The bully provided the incite for the normally peaceful child to become violent. Laconic: concise, compact, short, to the point
The football capitan's play instructions were very laconic.
Harrowing: terrifying, traumatic, disturbing
The soldier came back from war scared by the harrowing experiences.
Aptitude: ability to learn
The teacher found the child’s aptitude to be very strong.
Endure: bare, brave, go through, experience an adverse situation
He was a changed man after enduring such adversity in war.
Chronic: lingering, continuous, constant
The family took their son to doctor after a chronic cold would not go away.
Giddy: erratic, heedless
The man was giddy with joy after he found out that he had won the lottery.
Irascible: feisty, quick-tempered, up tight
The girl had an irascible temper due to her lack of sleep and food and having dealt with idiots all day.
Cower: tremble, draw back in fear
The man cowered in fear when the Rottweiler bore his teeth.
Gossamer: a delicate, fine, easily mobile fabric
Toilet paper has a gossamer like quality to it.
Queue: to form a sequence, order, series
The classmates were queued up based on their height. AP Vocab Week 5 austere cerebral aloof expunge cacophony lament incongruous bulwark connoisseur chattel Trenchant Procrastinate Roster Impede Forbear Migratory Evade Efface Asunder Incite Quixotic Beleaguer Milieu Histrionic Bludgeon Arduous Reminisce Opportune Dulcet Porcine
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