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Innohome Board Meeting 5 2015

No description

Tuomas Tahvanainen

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Innohome Board Meeting 5 2015

Results YTD
Revenue 171,2K€ (2 647K€)
Gross margin September dropped to 43,9% (51 %)
EBIT -83,3K€ (-104,1K€)
Order Back Log 2015 total 690K€
Cash 1 807K€
Results YTD
Gross margin changes
Returns 1,4% (2,4K€); total 0,5% 14,2K€
Sep discounts 2,1 % (3,6K€)
Tekes receivables 212,5K€
Tax receivables 91,4K€
Budget 2016
Process time Oct-Nov 2015
Goal setting Tuomas and Pertti
Two budget
Goal scenario (P&L + Cash)
Minimum level scenario (P&L + Cash)
Budget Block with managers
Sales (Pertti+Jari)
Manufacturing (Pertti+Juhani+Matti)
Sales&Marketing (Pertti+Jari)
R&D (Pertti+Juhani+Matti)
G&A (Pertti+Tuomas)
Investments (Pertti+Matti)
Budget decision 1st December
Tax Audit
Tax Authorities proposes followig taxes to be carried out
Income Tax 27 078,74€
VAT 1 745,70€
Penalties 8 817,08€
Innohome Board Meeting 5 2015
Results YTD
Budget 2016 frame work
Tax Audit
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