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Copy of Eating Habits of Adamsonians

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Pau Cris

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Eating Habits of Adamsonians

Eating Habits of Adamsonians
Impact on their Studies
III-St. Peter

Thesis Statement
In today’s contemporary generation wherein modernization has dazzled the lives of all; the latter has manifested the food we eat and has greatly transformed as the change done has altered our lifestyle and can greatly affect the nutritional value of the food we eat. Altering our eating habits can result into different complications.
On our resulted conclusion based from the said research done, we have concluded that elementary students still follow proper and healthier eating habits in contrast, to those of the high school students.
In our research, we found out that most of the students are aware of their eating habits and majority also eat their rice meals in their lunch and in their breakfast before they go to school. Meaning, they give importance to their health despite of having a bad eating habit.
What are eating habits?
a) How does it affect one's performance?
What are the factors that affect one's performance?
Why is it important to know?
Conducted survey in Adamson University- Basic Education Department with a total of 150 respondents- 100 respondents from High school and 50 respondents from Elementary students.
Able to accomplish the paper on time.
Able to compile and analyze the gathered data from the survey.
Able to seek Nutritionist's opinion from the gathered data.
Chapter I
Nature of Eating
1.) Definition of Eating

2.) Effects of Eating

a.) Oneself
Chapter II
Eating Habits
1.) Definition of Eating Habits

2.) Proper Habits
Chapter IV
1.) Conducted Survey

A.) Elementary(5 and 6)

B.) High school(1st-4th)

2.) Statistics or Findings

A.) Questionnaire

B.) Percentage

3.) Nutritionists’ Opinion
Chapter III
Modern-day Food
"To open the eyes of students alike regarding the nutritional value of the food they consume and identifies how it affects their well-being, as an individual, as a student and how it can alter and influenced their academic performance."

Group Members
-Geejay Sabordo
-Paolo Chico
-Andrea Antineo
-Patricia Crisostomo
-Daryl Samantila

1.) Method of Cooking

2.) Nutritional Benefits and Side Effects

A.) Positive effects

B.) Negative effects
Chapter V
Results of Findings
1. What food do you usually eat during:
a. Recess
b. Lunch
Choices are:
* Full Meal *Biscuits
* Junk Foods * Fruits
* Bread * None

And for those who answered ‘Junk Foods’ and ‘None’
1. Are you aware that your eating habits are bad?
a. Yes b. No

2. Do you feel more active and participative during class when you eat the food you purchased at the canteen?
a. Yes b. No c. I don’t buy at the canteen

3. Do you prefer, instead of junk foods, ONLY healthy and nutritional food to be served at the school canteen?
a. Yes b. No c. I don’t buy at the canteen
4. Do you skip meals?
a. Yes
* Which meal?
1. Breakfast 2. Lunch 3. Dinner
b. No

5. Do you eat Breakfast before you go to school?
a. Yes b. No
Survey Questionnaire
Respondents: 150 respondents
- 100 from High school
- 50 from Elementary
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