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How to Summarize a Text

7th Grade Virginia SOL 7.5 I

Jaynece Stafford

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of How to Summarize a Text

SOL 7.5 I
How to Summarize Text
Summaries Include...
What is a Summary?
A summary is a retelling of a book, a story, an article, or other work of fiction or nonfiction, in a shorter form.
When I summarize, I...
sum up
important ideas in what you read
the overall ideas expressed in the story
answers to the 5W and H Questions (who, how, etc.)
Rules for Summarizing:
1. Erase things that don't matter!
Only write down important points.
If it is not something that will help you understand or remember, then don't write it down.
2. Erase things that repeat!
If a word or phrase says basically the same thing you have already written down, then don't write it again.
Rules for Summarizing
3. Trade, general terms for specific names.
Focus on the big picture.
Long, technical lists are hard to remember.
If one word will give you the meaning, then less is more.
Rules for Summarizing
4. Select a topic sentence, or invent one if it is missing.
Topic sentences state the main idea.
Select or write down a topic sentence to focus your study on the main idea.
Rules for Summarizing:
1. Quick Summary
Read a selection
Take notes of important details as they read
Turn the selection over and write a paragraph about what you remember without looking back.
Share and compare paragraphs with a partner
Summarizing Strategies
Quick Summary Examples:
1. One Sentence Paraphrase
2. One-Word Summaries
3. Refine and Reduce
Summarizing Strategies
Magnet Summaries
Summarizing Strategies
Magnet Summaries help students to expand on key terms or concepts from a reading.
Summarizing Strategies
read a text
discuss possible magnet words
select one word to serve as the magnet word
generate a list of additional words that support the magnet word
Journalist Questions
Journalist Questions are the 5W and H questions:
Who? What? Where? When? Where? Why? and How?
G.I.S.T. Summaries
Summarizing Strategies
GIST summaries require students to pare down information into a 20- word summary.
Read an article aloud
Take notes on key ideas
Answer the 5W and H questions
Using that information, write a 20 word summary of the article
Somebody Wanted But So:
In this strategy, you simply complete a chart that answers the questions.
Somebody character
Wanted what that character wanted
But the problem the character faces in getting what they want
So what happens as a result of the conflicts in the story.
Summarizing Strategies:
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