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Form4&5 Descriptive Essays

No description

Jing Ma

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Form4&5 Descriptive Essays

Descriptive writing involves describing people, places, objects or events in accurate detail. Descriptive Essays DESCRIBING PLACES DESCRIBING PEOPLE (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Part What should you write about 1. Introduction general facts about the person
-who the person is
-his name, occupation
-how is the person related to you where and how you first met him/her 2. Body of Essay physical appearance – start with the general features such as length and color of hair, hair style, etc
personality or character – you can describe someone’s personality by the way they speak or through their actions and habits
hobbies and interests
the clothes he/ she wears 3. Conclusion what you think about the character
what other people think about the character Descriptive essays about people should be structured in the following way : Description
of People Your Relationship
with the Person Person's
Influence Particulars
-Family Personality Physical
Appearance The mind map below shows the points that should be included when writing an essay on the description of a person VOCABULARY AND MODEL SENTENCES FOR DESCRIBING PEOPLE =Man
stocky, stout, muscular, well-built a bulk of a man, broad-chested, paunchy =Woman
slim, petite, slender, plump =Man or woman
slim, skinny, fat, obese, overweight, or average size Physical Description - Build Shape of face:
oval, square, round, broad, heart-shaped, pointed, egg-shaped

fair, dark, freckled, pimpled, rosy complexion, rosy cheeks smooth, tanned, wrinkled, pale Eye shape and size:
small, large, hazel eyes, round almond-shaped, round, slanted, squinted Eye expression:
bright, alert, sparkling, dreamy, sorrowful, sunken, lustrous, bloodshot eyes, compassionate Eyebrows/ eyelashes:
Thick eyebrows, arched eyebrows, fluttering eyelashes, long/ bushy eyelashes Hair length and texture:
long, short, shoulder length, wavy, straight, wiry, parted, crew cut
Hair appearance:
neatly combed, unkempt, disheveled
Hair color:
blonde, brunette, redhead, auburn, chestnut, jet- black, greying at the temples, a streak of grey, stand of white hair
Hair style:
pony tails, braids, layered, permed, afro
Lots of hair:
thick, full, lustrous, bushy
Little hair- bald, balding, receding hairline Height
Tall, short,lanky,
of average height,
of medium height
towering over 180cm Clothes
Casual, trendy, gaudy, matching, expensive, glittering, sequined, floral Wearing his favorite flannel shirt, he stood at the entrance to welcome his guests.
Dressed in a sequined evening gown with a matching wrap. She walked into the hall where her guests were waiting.
 Smartly dressed in their uniforms, the scouts tool part in the parade.
 Casually attired in a pair of jeans and a collared t-shirts, he appeared relaxed and comfortable.
 Simply clad in shorts and a batik shirt, the foreigner walk into the restaurant.
 She looked stunning in her long-sleeved blouse and matching skirt. Model Sentence to Describe Clothes DESCRIBING EXPERIENCES,
INCIDENTS The Steps Involved in the Writing a Descriptive
Composition about Experiences and Incidents 1. Understand the title/ question
The question requires you to write about the memories or what you remember about your childhood days. You can describe about pleasant or happy memories and also about the times when you felt sad or unhappy. Title: My Childhood Memories 2. Plan your essay
Since descriptive essays require you to describe people, things or event, you must provide examples of sensory description. Look at the mind map below: Sight
Tall, shady trees
Rays of sunlight
Think foliage of leaves Sounds
Chirpings of birds
Rustling of leaves
Shrieks and squeals
Mother’s shill voice Touch
Sweltering heat
Drenched in sweat
Hot rice Smell
Smell of freshly cut grass
Rotting vegetables
Delicious aroma of nasi lemal Taste
Spicy curry
Salted fish My Childhood Memories
I spent most of my childhood in Kampung Pinang, a quiet village in the outskirts of Kuala Krai, Kelantan. It was a totally different world out there. It was peaceful and quiet. Our days were carefree and our lives moved at a leisurely pace. There was no blaring of horns or the daily thrum of traffic.
Perhaps that is the reason why today many city dwellers long to escape to the countryside during weekends and holidays. The long for some respite the hustle and bustle of the city.
A typical day for us started very early in the morning. In those days, we did not wake up to the musical chimes of fancy alarm clocks. Instead we woke up to the melodious chirping of birds and the sounds of the cocks’ crows. After our morning ablutions and a hearty breakfast which mother cooked over a charcoal stove, we were ready for school, dressed in our stiff, starched uniforms.
Stepping out in the darkness, we trudged along a narrow path lined with tall shady trees on both sides. After an hour or so, rays of sunlight cold be seen streaming through the thick foliage of leaves. As we sauntered along, we enjoyed listening to the rustling of leaves that sounded like the swishing of shirts.
Walking home from school on the sweltering heat was tiring but fun. Shrieks and squeals could be heard as we exchanged stories and jokes. By the time we reached home, we were drenched in perspiration. After a quick shower, we sat down on the wooden floor, ready to satisfy our hunger. Lunch was usually a simple meal of hot steaming rice, salted fish and a generous helping of spicy curry.
After lunch, we would sneak out to the stream nearby. The happiest times of my childhood days were those precious moments spent sitting by the gurgling stream chomping away the crunchy crackers. We waded in waste-high water until mother’s shrill voice shatters the silence of the afternoon. We would then race back into the house and grab a book each, pretending to so our school work. We knew pretty well that only the sight of her children reading would placate mum’s anger.
Years have now passed. My siblings have all settles down in different parts of the country. The village where I grew up has now become a residential area. As I reminisce about my childhood days. I still feel a tinge of sadness and nostalgia. CONTINUOUS WRITING SAMPLE
ESSAY Introduction -Place
-Atmosphere Body of Composition -Memories of activities in the morning
Sounds -Going to school
Sounds -Returning home
after school
Taste Sounds Conclusion Feelings Now let’s try to write a descriptive essay
by yourself, you can choose a topic below: Describe an embarrassing incident.
Describe a visit to the dentist.
Describe an incident which you wish had never happened.
Describe an accident you witnessed. A Descriptive Essay about a Place
should consist of the following parts: a) The introduction where you give the name and location of the place and type of place, the distance and how to go there.
b) The main body when you describe the atmosphere of the place, its exterior and interior, as well as the facilities available.
c) The conclusion that includes your comments and feelings and recommendations if any. VOCABULARY AND MODEL SENTENCES FOR DESCRIBING PLACES Types of Places Location. Distance/How to get there.. Among the many islands in Malaysia, the “Pearl of the Orient” or Penang is the most popular.
Of the three hill resorts in the country, Cameron Highlands is the most popular.
Langkawi is a bargain hunter’s paradise.
Tasik Kenyir, teeming with different varieties of fish is an angler’s paradise.
The forest reserve is also the green lungs of the city.
If you long for some peace and relaxation with only the birds and the bees
to keep you company, then the nature park is the place to go. The Komtar Mall, Penang’s prestigious landmark is located in the heart of the beustling commercial area.
The Emerald Hotel is just across the road while the shopping mall
and the Petronas Twin Towers are all within walking distance.
Nestled amidst hills and valleys, the picturesque village is a pretty sight to behold.
Located on the north-west of Kedah is the tropical island of Pulau Langkawi. The resort is conveniently located in the town centre.
Strategically The resort can be reached in 15 minutes from the KL international Airport
and a short train ride from the KL central Station.
The island is only a 40 minutes boat ride from the main island.
The resort is only a stone’s throw away from the beach.
The eco-park is just a short drive away from Kuala Lumpur.
It is hard to miss the Heritage Hotel when you drive through Malacca town. The park is just a breath away.
A stone’s throw away.
Within walking distance from here.
Merely a few steps away.
Mere minutes away from here. Atmosphere/Ambience Facilities & Activities The resort offers a refreshing change from the hassles of city life.
The picturesque village exudes a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
The peace and tranquility surrounding the nature park does wonders
to those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.
The resort is truly a place for guests to relax and get some fresh air in quiet serenity.
The resort, against a backdrop of green rolling hills, is the perfect getaway for those wishing to relax and unwind. Designed for those who desire the utmost
in comfort and style, the resort is not just
a retreat for the body but also a feast for the imagination. There is a host of facilities and activities to enjoy,
from craft making and baking to camping and jungle trekking.
The entire hotel building is equipped with wireless Internet connection.
(Broadband facilities/ WIFI services) for the convenience of guests.
The resort has a fully equipped gymnasium, indoor squash court, Jacuzzi as well as a sauna.
If you wish to enjoy magnificent sunsets, cruises, adventurous jungle
trekking and relaxing aromatherapy, then the resort is the place for you. VOCABULARY AND MODEL SENTENCES FOR DESCRIBING PLACES DIRECTED WRITING You and your friends intend to go for a holiday during the mid-year holidays. You came across the following advertisement. La Palma Beach Resort,
Langkawi Superb seafront position with panoramic coastal views. All bedrooms with modern facilities. Twin sharing in a delux facilities
Free use of leisure facilities
Award wining cuisine Come, relax in style and be spoilt.
Please phone 04-4224335 SPECIAL OFFER From RM110++
Book any 2 nights and have an extra night free.
(Booking must be made in advance) As you require more information, you decide to call the resort. Write out the conversation between you and the reservation clerk.
You must include information about the following in your dialogue:

Location of Resort
How to Get There
Room Tariffs
Facilities CONTITUOUS WRITING The topics are offered below. Choose one to satart your descriptive essay about places. Describe your favourite place and why you like to go there.
Describe your dream house. The End. Topic Vocabulary for Describing People
Words to describe personality and character Affectionate
Cheerful Honest
Pleasant Confident
Handsome Rational
Warm witty Aggressive
Dishonest Fierce
Irresponsible Jealous
Talkative Timid
Wicked Positive Traits Negative Traits Figurative Expression to Describe People Similes As ageless as the sun
As bald as an egg
As blind as a bat
As bold/brave as a lion
As clumsy as a bear
As cool as cucumber
As fit as a fiddle As happy as a child
As hungry as a wolf
As mean as the miser
As poor as a church mouse
As thin as a rake
As white as snow
As good as gold Idiomatic Expression The apple of one’s eye
A black sheep
A blue stocking
A fitness buff
Has no backbone
A bookworm
A dare devil
Chicken hearted a couch potato A jack-of-all trades
A Jeckyll and Hyde
A high flyer
A pain in the neck a wet blanket
A chip of the old block
Have green fingers
A smart alec DIRECTED WRITING MODEL ESSAY – DESCRIBING PEOPLE You received a letter from your friend who lives in another town saying that he had just been offered the post of a Head Perfect. He wants your opinion about whether or not he would make a good Head Perfect. You decide to write a letter to him urging him to accept the post. Use the notes below to write your letter. Personality
- Friendly and helpful
- Discipline
- Confident
Academic Performance
- Diligent
- Intelligent
- High achiever Involvement in Co-curricular activity
- Active in sports
- President of English Language Society
When writing your letter, you should remember:
- To lay out the letter correctly
- To use paragraphs
- To include all the notes 122, Jalan Permai 1B,
Taman Permai,
70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
11 January 2012 Dear Aizat,
I was delighted to receive your letter. I was even more delighted to note its contents. Of course you should run for the post of a Head Perfect. Have no doubts about it.
In the first place, you have an exemplary character. You are friendly and helpful. It is this trait that makes you approachable. That is why you are popular with both teachers and students.
Moreover, you are disciplined and your emotions are well controlled. In fact, in all the years I have known you, I have yet to witness a harsh outburst or tantrum. As you have the self-confidence, you are not afraid to make difficult decisions. If you believe in yourself, others too will believe in you. That is why it is said that confidence is infectious.
Many students have difficulty managing busy schedules that include games, school and family commitments. However, you have proven you can excel in both studies and sports and you have been wining accolades to prove this. You are a diligent and intelligent student and you have always excelled in you studies.
As an adept badminton player, you have represented your school in many tournaments and have bagged numerous medals. Being elected as the President of English Language Society shows the trust and confidence the students have in you. You are committed to whatever project or task you undertake. By setting a good example, you can easily motivate the other students to achieve something great. Even when there are problems, you are able to provide immediate solutions.
As you can see from the points I have raised, you are the ideal candidate to run for the post of Head Perfect. Therefore, I urge you not to waste anymore time. Go for it.
Do let me know as soon you are selected so that we can go out and celebrate.
Till I hear from you, bye.

Your friend,

(Amir) Address Date Salutation Opening Remarks Personality
Cinfident Academic Performance
High Achiever Urging friend to accept post Conclusion Signature/ Name CONTINUOUS WRITING Now try to write a continuous writing on the topics below. Write a composition entitled "A Prominent Malaysia Leader".
Write a composition entitled "An Interesting Character".
Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life. SAMPLE
ESSAY CONTINUOUS WRITING Write a composition with the following title:" My Most Unforgetable Character" Directed Writing MODEL
ANSWER Describe your favourite
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