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Sahara Desert

No description

Tiarna Andonovski

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Sahara Desert

By Tiarna and Julia Sahara Desert Living in the Sahara Desert The people who live there are mostly Africans. there are about 2.5 million people that live on the Sahara Desert. There are around about 3.5 million square miles on the Sahara desert so that means that there are approximately 1 person every square mile.
there are also a lot of animals on the Sahara Desert some of these animals include the:
Gerbil, Jerboa, Cape hare, the desert hedgehog, , Dama deer, Anubis Baboon, Spotted hyena, Sand fox, Libyan striped weasel, and the Slender Mongoose. How have people effected the environment Issues about living in the Sahara Desert Some of the main issues about living in the Sahara desert are that there are not many hospitals or doctors so when there is an emergency there is a greater chance that they will not make it to the hospital in time for the doctors and nurses to help him.
There are also not many schools for children to get the education they need that is why there is not many doctors, nurses, teachers etc. How has the environment affected peoples lifestyles People have affected the Sahara Desert in many ways. some of these ways include:

People have polluted the desert, Military training centers have been using the natural environment of the Sahara desert for their training and testing.

Lots of people also trample through the bushes and take branches off of the trees causing infection and death for the tree. In the Sahara Desert the environment has affected peoples lifestyles in different ways. Some of these ways include:
Lack of civilization, lack of roads, electricity, schools,hospitals and shops to buy clothes from.
They usually wear light weight loose fitting clothes, generally it has light colors. It often covers the whole body, face and all. This is due to the harsh desert weather conditions.
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