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Survival Challenge

No description

Lindsey Alger

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Survival Challenge

Define the Problem
Task 4: We needed to create a device that pumps ground water, cuts wood, and grinds grain. The device can only have one input and must by no larger than 10in. x 10 in.
Idea 1:
Idea 2:
Develop Ideas
Constraints and Criteria:
can not be bigger than 10in x 10in.
must cut wood
must grind wheat
must pump water out of the ground
can only have one input
How research changed our brainstorming ideas:
Choosing the Best Idea
Picture before we made changes:
Test And Evaluate
Improve Design
Communicating Results
Survival Challenge
How did we find out our idea?
Our group came together and thought of the best idea for each of the three parts and then figured out how to put them together.
This is a water pump that gave us the idea to use a cam and follower.
Research helped us decide which devices to build, and which ones would work for each of our tasks.
Improvements we could make:
Final Project:
Improvements we made: We made more stable legs on sides
Lindsey Alger
Ryan Meils
Logan Goetz
Hour 4

The first idea was to have a leadscrew, then have a chain drive connected to the leadscrew. Finally, have a bevel gear connected to the other parts to have only one input.
The final idea is to have a gear train with an idler gear to make them go the same way. Then we had a leadscrew again that connects to the gear train. Finally, the bevel gear is connected to the rest and the input was behind it all.
Final Sketch:
Another way we can communicate our project to others is by using other resources such as Podcast, Movie Maker and Animoto.
We could space out all of the individual devices if we did not have size restrictions.
This is a grain grinder that helped us come up with our grain grinding device.
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