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Jihad: Holy War

talk about how Western World Portrays Jihad

Adam Odisho

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Jihad: Holy War

JIHAD HOLY WAR? c Adam Odisho
Friday Janurary 11th 2013 HOW THE WESTERN WORLD SEES JIHAD AS TO HOW FOLLOWERS OF ISLAM SEE JIHAD Jihad: Holy War? Hope you realize the meaning
of what the term Jihad really means and that we hopefully as the human body do not protray it as HOLY WAR! Well, according to the followers of Islam, the statement in which one should strive in one's evil inclination means that "It's a range of activities all based on the Arabic meaning of the word 'exerted effort.' In the Koran it's projected as exerting effort to change oneself, and also in certain situations physically standing against oppressors if that's the only way." (Handwerk) The literal meaning of the term
Jihad means "to strive, struggle,
and exert effort. (Sassano) The Western World sees the meaning of the term
ANY QUESTIONS??? Let's take a look at a live footage of how the Western World protrays the Jihad in the media According to what Dr.Zakir Naik lectured
in the previous slide he states "
jihad means to strive against one's
evil inclination" What does this mean? HOW THE WESTERN WORLD PROTRAYS THE TERM JIHAD IN A NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE WAY This quotation was taken from Brian Handwerk a columnist who wrote the article on the true meaning of the term Jihad. What Brian is trying to state in his article about the true meaning of the term Jihad is that you must only use violence in a situation where you are forced, or when you know the other person will not change their ways. Statistics on Jihad in GENERAL According to the Sam Hindu Blog in the month of November about 600 people were killed and 1200 people were injured (Edwin Mora) The cause of 9/11 was put
to blame on to Muslims and
the Jihad Jihad Holy War? Jihad Holy War? Jihad Holy War? Also according to the
Counter Jihad report about
70% of all terrorism was caused
by Sunni Muslims The western world portrays the term
Jihad as "HOLY WAR" According to the Sam Hindu Blog in the
month of November about 600 people
were killed and over 1200 people were Injured Breaking those figures down for the 30 days of November means that every 70 minutes, somewhere in the world, someone was killed in the name of Allah. (Patriot’s Corner) Obama's point of view
on the Jihad
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