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Skillful Teacher

An introduction to the key concepts and Essential Beliefs of the Skillful Teacher by Jon Saphier

Josh Maisel

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Skillful Teacher

The Skillful
Teacher? Key Concepts Repertoire
and Matching Comprehensiveness Foundation of
Essential Beliefs Supports
Professional Development Intelligence Learning Teaching Schools "Intelligence" is not a fixed inborn limit on learning capacity.
ALL children have the raw materials to do rigorous academic material at high standards. Learning is constructed as learners assimilate new experience with prior knowledge. Learning varies with the degree to which learners’ needs are met. Skillful teaching is NOT memorizing a list of
“effective behaviors."
Instead, it involves "repertoire and matching." There exists a complex set of knowledge of professional teaching.
Skillful teaching requires systematic and continual study of this base of knowledge. The total environment of a school has a powerful effect on students’ learning. Racism exerts a downward force on the achievement of students of color that must be met with active antiracist teaching. Belief #4: Belief #5: Skillful = observable behaviors that
can be learned and improved. Belief #1: Belief #2: Belief #3: Belief #6: Belief #7: How will we know if
they know/can do it? What will we do if
they don't get it? What do we want students
to know and be able to do? Repertoire
Matching Repertoire
Matching Repertoire
Matching Daily Interactions
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