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West Coast Swim Club

Sport and Society Final Project

Jane Nettleton

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of West Coast Swim Club

By Jane Nettleton, Cassidy Barnert,
and Annie Drinnan

Financial Goals
Facility and Administrative Costs
Accommodation and Travel Needs
Legal Needs
Endorsements and Sponsors
Equipment for the club to provide for their athletes. All other equipment wanted by the athletes must be purchased by themselves.
Facility: $2500 per month for pool rental. Season lasts 11 months.
Nationals is $1384 per athlete.
Includes flight ($389)
Hotel (Approximately $179 per night)
Meals ($25 each)
West Coast Swim Club
Aspects to be paid for include:
Travel - $1680 per day for a bus and hotels
Equipment - $7000 in total
Facility Rentals - $2500 per month (season last approx. 11 months)
Uniforms - $300 per athlete
Swim Meets - $4000
Salaries - See administrative costs
Marketing Needs
Diving Boards x10
Lane Ropes x10
Equipment Bags
Official Swimming Suits
Track Suits (Jacket, Pants, and Bag)
Goggles and Swim Caps
First Aid Kit
Training kick boards and flippers
CN Transportation services
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Team Aquatic Supplies
City of Vancouver
Best western Hotel
Swimming gear
Cereal and protein bars
Sports Drinks
Rolex Watches
Hosting Swim Meets will cost approximately $4000.
Officials $500
Awards $250
First Aid/Ambulance $500
Plus Profit
Away Tournaments is $1020 per person for entire season. (6 away tournaments)
Hotel ($120)
Meals ($25)
Entry Fees per person per day ($35)
Charter Bus rental costs around $1500 per day.
Pay Cheques:
Sports lawyers cost between $70000 -$100000 per team; however athletes normally choose to have their own representatives.
Swimmers' pay cheque - from endorsements, sponsorships, and advertising.
Coaches and Trainers - $40000+ per year
Scouts and Agents - $20000 per year
About the Club
The WCSC includes many talented swimmers from across Canada. Our swimmers are both female and male athletes, above the age of 18, that compete all across Canada in high level competitions. Most of our athletes are eligible to go on to international events, such as the Olympics.
Our training facility is located in the Hillcrest Aquatic Center in Vancouver, BC. The swimmers are in season from September to July, training and competing throughout the full season.
Swimming Categories:
100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1000m Freestyle
100m, 200m, 400m Backstroke
100m, 200m Breaststroke
100m, 200m Butterfly
4 x 100m Relay
4 x 200m Relay
Athlete and Club Contract
Cost from Sponsors: $14, 740 in total.
*cost will lower with more sponsors.
Sponsors will receive:
Banners with their name at swim meets.
Advertising for their company at all facilities.
VIP seating and marshal status.
Tax receipt
Company products can be included in our merchandise. (ex: Gatorade, Speedo)

Swim suits

Baked Goods

Hot Dogs
All proceeds go towards the WCSC team. The profits of the concession help to pay for the facility rental fee, where as merchandise profits are used for regular season fees.
Thank you for your time in considering our sports organization. We hope you join our team!
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