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Social Media Awareness

No description

Rhea Finn

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Awareness


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"That would never happen to me ..."
Dharun Ravi
Former Rutgers University student
Convicted of invasion of privacy and other charges after using a webcam to spy on and then tweeting about his roommate’s gay encounter
His roommate, Tyler Clementi, would later commit suicide
Yuri Wright
Former 40th-ranked player on the ESPNU 150
Expelled from school after posting sexually graphic and racist tweets
Lost football scholarship opportunities to top universities
Rebecca Martinson
aka "Deranged Sorority Girl"
Wrote angry email to her sorority which was leaked and gained national attention on social media
Forced to step down from her position within her chapter and renounce her membership to the sorority
Female student engaged in explicit conduct in a photobooth at a formal event
Photos were set to automatically upload to facebook
Student was removed from the cheerleading squad and her sorority
Photos were forwarded to the law schools the student had applied to

Keeping in touch with friends
and family
Staying informed on current events
Distraction from school work
Lower academic performance
Distraction from task at hand (driving, walking)
Lack of privacy
Once something is posted it can never completely be deleted
Can be seen by school administrators and ptential employers
Can become obsessive / addictive
contents of "brothers only" facebook
group were leaked
posts included where to buy and sell drugs and allusions to hazing
Chapter had it's national charter
revoked and was suspended
Step 1: Search Yourself
Google, Yahoo, or Bing search your name, or your name and a keyword about you (ex. John Smith, Northeastern)
Use a computer that doesn't automatically log you in to sites
You can also use sites such as Spokeo and Pipl, designed for finding people, to see what other people can find about you
Step 2: Educate Yourself
Familiarize yourself with Northeastern's policies on social media use, and use of school equiptment for social media
NU Student Code of Conduct
NU Accepted Use Policy
both available through myNEU
Questions? Contact OSCCR for clarification
3. Erase Anything Inappropriate
5. Use Social Media to Your Benefit
Add your interests and hobbies to your profiles
Share relevant and interesting articles about the field you are interested in to show your dedication and interest in the field
Utilize LinkedIn as a "living resume" to appeal to potential employers
Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence
Use the results of your searches to erase anything inappropriate
What's inappropriate? If you wouldn't want your parents to see it, it's inappopriate
You can also use social media clean up sites such as reputation.com and SimpleWash to highlight anything that you may want to delete
4. Adjust Your Privacy Settings
Most social sites have a variety of privacy settings, leading to multiple levels of protection
Keep your profiles private, but not non-existant
Being unsearchable or completely privatized may make it appear that you have something to hide
You want potential employeers to see that you're savvy enough to use social media and responsible enough to use it properly
Using Social Media for Your Group/Organization
Does my group need social media?
Technically, no one NEEDS social media, but using facebook, twitter, and personalized webpages can maximize the appeal of your organization, club, or team.
Which sites should we use?
Think about who you're trying to reach: your club soccer team probably doesn't need a Pinterest, but your community service club warrants a page on the school website.
What should we post about?
Recruitment events
Members participating in community service events
Essential basics about the group
Contact information to find out more
What should not go on our sites?
Unofficial club events (ie. parties)
Anything only certain members of the group were required to do
This is hazing and is against Northeastern policies
This includes scavenger hunts!
Photos of group members drinking or with alcohol in the background
Even if they are 21+
Who should have access?
Limit administrative privledge to certain group leaders (President, Social Media or Public Relations Chair)
Consider making a private and unofficial Facebook or Google group for members only to post in
A welcoming, inviting image which will draw others toward your group.
For More Information,
Contact OSCCR

204 Ell Hall
(617) 373-4390
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