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Chapter 10/12/13 (Part 1)

Shellby Sweeney

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of ALPHA XI DELTA

Chapter Meeting
Roll Call
Pearl: Did not skip class
Diamond: Got a A on a Test or Paper

I am an Alpha
I am a Xi
I am an Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Girl
And I have A-Xi-D spirit in my H-E-A-R-T and I will L-O-V-E love it all the T-I-M-E time!
Quote of the Week:
"To be inspired is great, but to be an inspiration is an honor."
Turn to your neighbor and share with them:
-1 Love
-1 High from this past week/weekend
The Sisterhood of Women
The sisterhood of women that lives within our hearts, The loyalty and friendship of which we are a part.
We know our joys and sorrows,
We share our smiles and tears,
We hope we'll be together through out the coming years.
All this we have in common in our fraternity,
Our Dear Alpha Xi Delta, we raise our hearts to thee
Our Dear Alpha Xi Delta,
We raise our hearts to thee
Updates for the week!
GREAT JOB! We raised $1,130.00 for Autism Speaks!
Dues are $140.83
Rose Buddies!
New ones will be sent out Monday morning!
1st Sisterhood is Wednesday!!!!
Meet at 4 pm, Location?
Try to wear jeans, boots, plain shirt and scarf for pictures
AST Bumps for Humps Volleyball Tournament
Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the VC
DPhiE ANAD Trivia Night
Saturday, doors open at 6 p.m. starts at 7
Still need at least 7 women for our team
Powder Puff Practices
FRIDAY OCT. 18TH- 12 to 1:30 PM (South)
SATURDAY OCT. 19TH- 9 to 10:30 AM (South)
FRIDAY OCT. 25TH- 12 to 1:30 PM (South)
SATURDAY OCT. 26TH- 9 to 11:30 AM (South)
SUNDAY OCT. 27TH- 8 to 9 AM (South)
FRIDAY NOV. 1ST- 12 to 2:30 (T.B.A.)
SATURDAY NOV. 2ND- 9 to 10:30 (T.B.A.)
WEDNESDAY NOV. 6TH- 7:30 to 9 PM (North)
THURSDAY NOV. 7TH- 7:30 to 9 PM (North)
Jerseys: Looking into $$ check
name if interested
More Updates!
Mixer with Sigma Tau Gamma: Friday Oct. 26th @ 5 pm
Check name if you will be attending
Up Til' Dawn
Starts at 11:30 pm Nov. 15th
Ends at 7 am Nov. 16th
Check your name if you will be attending
Chapter Life Council/Committee:
Social Chair
- Responsible for creating a well-
rounded chapter social program
Planning events with Fraternities, Sororities
and local Alumnae
Knows/understands/follows Fraternities Alcohol Policy, Risk Management Policy, and C.A.R.E
Complies with University rules when planning events
Oversees Chapters social calendar,
keeping Chapter goals in mind
Chapter Life Committee:
Chapter Life Committee:
Keeps a neat and accurate
permanent record of the Chapter's membership
Writes Chapter's annual history which is presented at Founder's Day
Maintains/updates Chapter member's names & update list
Turns in report to FHQ on time
Homecoming/Greek/Spring Week Chair:
Responsible for planning all events pertaining to these week
Create a Committee to help delegate tasks throughout the week
Making sure Alpha Xi Delta's brand is
portayed properly
Staying within respected budget
Sisterhood Chair:
Responsible for creating
close bonds between chapter members
Planning the formal and informal
sisterhood events for the Chapter calendar
Creating new/fun ideas to strengthen the
Encourage and Inspire members to constantly
be a good sister and live the ritual
Stay within respected budget for events
Follow all of the Policies and
Proceedures listed before
Chapter Life Committee
Song Leader:
Provides inspiration & keeps Chapter versed in the Fraternities heritage
Plans & implements practices for ceremonies & recruitment
Leads at least 1 song at each chapter meeting
Assists the NewMoc in teaching new members our songs
Works with President in creating an appropriate atmosphere for Chapter meetings
Servers as an usher/guide for candidates at Pledge in and Initiation
Assists in preparing rooms for ceremonies
Prepares the room for chapter meetings/ guards the door during meetings
Maintains order at meeting and ceremonies
Conducts ballot voting during meetings, counts results,
& reports results to President
General assistance to President in
distributing materials
Activities Chair:
Must promote participation of all
members in campus and community activities. Understands that outside involvement is help broaded members education, leadership skills and Alpha Xi Delta's image on campus
Keep members aware of campus and community actvities
Keeps an updated file of each member's extra activities outside of Alpha Xi Delta
Informs members of Honor societies
Offers assistance to members
Works with the Homecoming/Greek/Spring Week Chair
Special Events Chair:
Plans and coordinates the Chapter's Informal, Formal, Date Functions, etc.
Works closely with the CLVP
Understands all Fraternities Policies & Proceedures
Creates fun events/appropriate/memorable events
for members and their guests
Chapter Life Committee
PR Committee
Publicity Chair:
Works to enhance the image of the chapter on campus and to FHQ. Promotes a positive image of the chapter to FHQ.
Submits chapter photos and articles to The Quill.
Sends items of interests about chapter activities to local media
Works with Scrapbook Chair
Works with Alumnae Relations Chair to create Chapter's annual newsletter
Maintains a notebook that provides past, and future publicity plans and efforts

PR Committee
Corresponding Secretary:
Point of contact with all
Greek Life organizations on campus
Must be neat, correct, & professional with all communication, writes official Chapter correspondence
Reads to Chapter all communications from FHQ staff
Sends notice to FHQ of all Pledgings, Initiations, Election to Office, etc.
Enhances AXiD's relations on campus with other Greek organizations by sending: Good Luck cards, Congratulatory cards, Happy Founder's Day notes, Christmas Cards, etc.
Enhances AXiD's relations with the University by sending Christmas, Thank you cards, etc. to university departments
Enhances relations with AXiD alumnae by
sending Christmas & Thank you notes
Enhances relations w/ AXiD parents by sending
Holiday cards, Thank you notes,
Chapter updates, etc.

PR Committee
Alumnae Relations Chair:
Responsible for creating close ties between collegiates and alumnae members. Must understand and develop lifetime membership through chapter-alumnae functions.
Organizes functions for collegians and alumnae
Involves alumnae in chapter functions
Invites local alumnae to special chapter events and all ceremonies
Work with NewMoc to develop an "Alum Aunts" program
Works with Publicity Chair to prepare the annual chapter newsletter to alumnae
Assists Corresponding Secretary in writing letters to alumnae
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