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Simplifying Rti-

Chapter 1

Debbie Ortega

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Simplifying Rti-

Chapter 1- A New Way of Thinking "What worked yesterday is the guilded cage of tomorrow."- Peter Block Students of today need more than the 3 Rs to achieve success.To compete in the global marketplace and thrive in the information age, they need to master higher-level thinking skills and continue learning throughout their ENTIRE LIFE. Throwing Out the Old Questions How Do We Raise Our Test Scores?
How Do We Implement RTI?
How Do We Stay Legal?
What is Wrong With This Student? Asking The Right Questions Why Are We Here?
What Knowledge and Skills Will Our Children Need to Be Successful Adults?
How Effectively Are We Preparing Students for These Future Challenges?
What Must We Do to Make Success the Reality for Every Child? Implementing the Formula for Learning Targeted Instruction + Time = Learning We will not prepare students for their future by doing what we have always done. "It is virtually impossible for a single teacher to possess all the skills and knowledge to meet the unique of every child." The reality is that EVERY child must succeed in school however our current system has not produced that result....never has. So now what? According to research by Burns, Appleton, & Stehouwer, RTI can involve an entire staff in a process that gives every student the time and support needed to learn at high levels. Understanding the Four Cs of RTI Collective responsibility
Concentrated instruction
Convergent assessment
Certain access
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