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The Cheetah Food Web :)

Big mac.......Big mac i got a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce, double front son no seeds on the bun!

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Transcript of The Cheetah Food Web :)

Lions eats wildebeest's. Lions also eat Gazelle's. Lions also eat Zebras. A Hyena also eats a wildebeest. African Wild Dog eats a Gazelle'sA Apex predator.
Panthera leo If a lion is
a mushroom
would take over. Sources:





http://www.outtoafrica.nl/animals/englion.html All the Herbivores eat grass. Mushrooms and other fungi can eat any organism if it dies. It will take over the body and decompose it. A Leopard eats a zebra. The sun provides energy for the grass. Lion Food Web. Apex Predator.
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