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No description

Tanner Patterson

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Italy

Italy By: Mason Vang
Tanner Patterson Government Republican food Top 5
Tourist Attractions 1. Canals of Venice 2. Colosseum 3. Santa Maria del Fiore 5. Pompeii 4. Piazza del Campo Pasta
bruschetta Capital Ital'y Flag The flag of Italy was adopted on 19 June 1946, features three vertical stripes: green, white, and red. The flag was inspired by the French flag, which was brought to Italy by Napoleon in 1797. Rome is the capital
Of Italy Italy's National Anthem History of Italy Italy's Currency is a Euro 1 US dollar is .74 in Euro Italy's National Sports Italy's Most famous sport is football but in the US we call it soccer. The other popular sports are Basketball, Volleyball and Cycling. Italy had only one ruler in the first centry B.C. until the fifth centry A.D. Augustus Caesar Climate in Italy In Italy the climate is about the same as our climate in the winter but in the spring until the end of the fall months it is a lot more hot in Italy. Ethnic Groups in Italy military of Italy There are 31 different ethnic groups in Italy army air force navy Sovereign Military Order of Malitia President of Italy
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