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Vegetable Power

No description

Lizbeth Robles

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Vegetable Power

Nature's Energy
My purpose in doing this project is to determine whether there is energy stored inside a fruit\vegetable to be enough power to light up an LED light . My hypothesis was that it will have very little energy! Maybe this energy is what helps us in our life. I thought that if these vegetables or fruits had enough energy why don't we use it instead of spending money for electricity. In order to find my results I had to make an inscision on any type of fruit or vegetable then wrap one end of the copper wire around a penny and another piece of copper wire around a galvanized nail. Then i had to insert the penny into the silt i had created for it, with the loose end hanging out. Next i inserted the nail onto the other side of the potato or any fruit or vegetable. But I had to make sure that the penny and nail do not touch! I had to then connect the copper wire that is hanging out to the LED light bulb from both of the penny and nail. By doing all this experimental procedures I received good data . The LED light bulb is only lit up by some fruits and vegetables. It takes certain types of it! Like a lemon was not able to light the LED light bulb up. In conclusion nature does have its own energy. My hypothesis was incorrect but correct at the same time because the fruit and vegetable had very little energy to barely even light it up!

Table of Contents
4.Discussion of results
6.Future expansion
~Can a vegetable or a fruit power an LED light?
-An LED light bulb
-Fresh vegetables and fruit
-1 potato
-1 lemon
-1 shiny penny
-1 Galvanized steel nail
-2 eight inch lengths of copper wire
-A knife
Methods & Procedures
1. First Constructed a potato.
2. The I made an incision in one side of the potato just large enough for the penny to fit inside.
3. Next I wrapped one end of a piece of copper wire around the penny.
4. Then I wrapped one end of another piece of copper wire around the nail.
5. Next I inserted the penny into the slit I created for it,with the loose end of wire hanging out.
6. Insert the nail into the other side of the vegetable or fruit with the loose end of wire hanging out.
7. I wasn't allowed for the penny and nail to touch.
8. Then I Wrapped the copper wire coming off the penny to the lend of the LED.
9. Next I Wrapped the copper wire coming off the nail to the end of the LED.
10. In order to find other results I repeated the steps.

Discussion of results
In order to light up the LED light bulb it had to be by a certain type of object and its vitamins. In order to get all my results experimenting 3 times for each object.

The apple did not want to light the LED light bulb up.
The potato lit up using its own method.
The lemon did not light up th light bulb.
In conclusion, mt hypothesis was both right and wrong. Since I have experimented this it is a good idea to use vegetables and fruits light up a little bit of light bulbs. But you would have to know which ones would be able to light it up! I thought about everyone using the fruits, if everyone starts using it instead of spending more money on electricity waste the food that we use to cook and eat.
I would like to give a lot of thanks to my mom and dad for providing their help and supplies to me in order to finish and complete my project .
~My objective is to figure out and test this theory to see if the vegetable/fruit can have enough energy stored inside to power an LED light bulb.
~My hypothesis is that it will have enough potential energy to power the LED light.
Continuation of Introduction
~The reason I think this is because the vegetables and fruits come from varieties of plants that grow in the Earth's soil which then the heat from the sun stores energy into the plant which then becomes the vegetable or fruit; That is how we consume in energy into our body!And i will be able to know if I would have enough energy to get energy to light an LED light bulb.

Data & Results
Did the fruits/vegetables I used light up?
Yes, it did work
No it did not.
Green Apple
1st Trial - It did not light up.
2nd Trial- It lit up.
3rd Trial- lt lit up.

1st Trial- Lit up.
2nd Trial- Did not lit up.
3rd Trial- Lit up.
1st Trial- It did not light up.
2nd Trial- It did not light up.
3rd Trial- IT did not light up.
I did this experiment 3 times 2 outta 3 it most likely did not light up.
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