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Berlin Boxing Club

No description

Harley Lytton

on 14 January 2012

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Transcript of Berlin Boxing Club

By: Robert Sharenow
Characters from the berlin boxing club:
Karl: main character, kind of scrawny, blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn’t really look like a Jew, which saves him criticism…wants to take boxing lessons.
Max: champion boxer and German national hero who makes a deal with Karl’s father to give him boxing lessons whenever he’s in berlin. He becomes Karl’s mentor and father-ish figure...
Hildy: little sister, looks like a Jew. She isn’t very out there she’s kind of quiet, but she is very compassionate and loving towards her family and others.
Mama: very loving and kid woman, who very much dislikes her son wanting to be a boxer.
Papa: an art sales man who is good friends with max, and makes the deal to let him teach his son o box. He is also very stubborn when it comes to violence and listening to what he is told. Eventually gets hurt by Germans trying to loot and steal from his art gallery, where the family is currently staying because of all the pogroms.
Describing the setting of the story:
This story takes place in berlin, where at the times a thing called pogroms where taking place. In 1933 pogroms against the Jews were taking place. I think this is where the author got the setting from, because in the book it explains how Karl’s family has to deal with them. Pogroms are planned militia attacks against any type any ethnic group. In this case it was the Jews in berlin. Shops were destroyed, that were owned by any type of Jew. Men were taken to camps, and women were taken to local camps. The Nazis often sent out their junior league to go out and destroy homes, loot, and beat men and children. Men and Women were often beaten in the streets and then taken away also. Karl’s family actually had a place to go and be safe, unlike many families.
Remembering My book is called The Berlin Boxing Club. Max Schmeling is the reason for this title. He is a professional boxer who comes into Karl’s life by making a deal with his father. Max came into Karl’s father’s art gallery one night and bought a painting of himself, and also offered Karl boxing lessons if his father agreed to it. Of course he let him, and Karl had to prepare. Since Max is professional he had to wait for him to return to berlin. When Max returned to berlin he told Karl to meet him at a boxing club, and sure enough it’s called the Berlin Boxing Club. Karl works there and learns how to become the best boxer he can be with the help of Max and the other boxers that work out there. They become his family and show him the ropes of becoming a great boxer. Berlin is his home and they have made that ever more believable. What they don’t know is that he is Jewish, which comes back to bite him in the butt because when he goes against a boy who used to bully him in school, the truth comes out and he isn’t allowed to box in berlin again.
One major conflict in the story was the problem that Karl had with the bullies that antagonized him at school. This made him want to take up boxing in the first place. They would torment him and beat him him up with every chance that they got. One incident was when Gertz, a German boy, unbuckled his pants to prove to everyone he was really a Jew by showing if he was circumcised. (Page 7) The boys ended up beating him up, which gave him a black eye. That night Karl’s father had an art viewing, his dad was not very happy, but that is also the night that Max Schmeling offered Karl boxing lessons. The beating and chasing still went on from the boys, but Karl just got stronger and stronger throughout the years that he practiced boxing. The problem with the boys went on for a while. It came back to bite Karl in the butt when he went to wrestle with one of the boys that was a part of the “gang” that use to antagonized him when he went to the public school. They told the judges of the wrestling tournament and they disqualified him from the tournament and wrestling in berlin forever, or until the Nazi rule was over. Applying: -the "gang" of german boys decide to attack Karl, and give him a black eye the night of his fathers art viewing events lead up to the nazi pogrom. Such as looting of houses and buisnesses, beating of Male and Female jews and of children.- Max Schmeling offers to give Karl FREE boxing lessons in exchange for a painting of himself.- Karl Prepares for his boxing lessons. Karls father has to close the art gallery, and because of everything with the nazis that is occuring they decide to move into the gallery for protection.- Max finally gives Karl some boxing lessons while he is in berlin and he becomes a very strong boxer. Karl's father also gets very injured by some nazi soldiers, while they were trying to loot the gallery. Karl and hildy go from home to home looking for a place to stay while his mom and a fathers friend try to find a hospital to take father to, to get treated. Max takes Karl in and protects him, and his sister and mother. Father finally gets treated, but cannot come home just yet. They continue to be under the care of max. Father finally gets to return home, and max pays for hildy and Karl to leave berlin, and travel saftle to the US During the story, you kind of half to do research what’s really going on based on the events that occur. After Mrs. Pecks test she handed out papers that had to do with the holocaust. Mine was on the effects of pogroms on the Jewish society, mainly in Berlin. After reading it I realized that those events where the ones occurring in my book. Pogroms are basically the violent riot or the massacre of innocent people, such as the Jews. Peoples businesses were looted and destroyed and people were beaten and sent to camps, all just because of their ethnicity. Nazis were heartless people who didn’t care at all about other people, and it shows the further you read through this book. In many cases Karl (the main character) was beat up and picked on by German boys just because of the fact that he was a Jew. Karl’s life was ruined because of the people who were Nazis or were in the training of becoming a Nazi (the junior league). Karl’s father was even harmed because he was just trying to protect his family. Jewish people weren’t treated right when the pogroms were occurring. They had curfews and if they went into public, they were treated so differently and crudely. This book definitely shows how people were treated and the effects it had on the families who were Jewish. I can tell you one thing for sure…This book is amazing, that’s why it took me only a few days to read it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to have to read something about Anne frank or anyone else for that matter. Evaluating: The end :) THANK GOD..!!
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