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6 Steps From/To...

Model of 6 degrees of separation.

Dea Fowler

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of 6 Steps From/To...

1st w/synchronized sound & motion
Steamboat Willie
Creator: Walt Disney
Shrek the Final Chapter
Creator: DreamWorks
first animated short
"What's up Doc?"
Mel Blanc
Bugs Bunny
Creator: Chuck Jones
Was employed by Walt Disney in 1950
Warner Bros.
Winnie the Pooh
Creator: A.A. Milne
1st debut as puppets in 1960
1966 on Screen
On TV - ABC - During the 1980s along with Scooby Doo
Owned by Disney
Creator: Pixar
Toy Story
PIXAR Studios
Tom Hanks & Tim Allen as voices
Several Pixar animators worked on Winnie the Pooh films
Mike Myers
Cameron Diaz
Eddie Murphy
Antonio Banderas
Fourth Installment
Several minor voice characters worked on Toy Story as well
Scooby Doo
Creator: Hannah - Barbera
(Will Hannah & Joseph Barbera)
Absorbed by Warner Bros. in 2001
Great Dane
25 original episodes
6 Steps From/To...
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