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The Future Of Cars

No description

Howard Battersby

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Future Of Cars

The Future Of Cars
The first car accident was in 1896 involving a mother and her two children who were going to watch a dance display. The mother died because she was doing 4mph and the speed limit was 2mph. The speed limit was later changed to 14mph
Car Makes.
One of the first makes of cars was Ford. The first car they made was only a small two seater called the Model T.
Cars Now
Cars now have different engines and they are sleeker and more aerodynamic. They are more powerful and look nicer than before. they are also more practicle.
Cars have evolved through time starting with the first car made in 1769 in France by Cugnot and Brezin. The speed limits that we know today were introduced in 1865.
This is a car from the future. They will be even more practicle and be able to do more things such as lock your house and call people.
The first car accident
Cars Now.
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