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Developed vs. Developing Countries Prezi

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Mamuna Sarwar

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Developed vs. Developing Countries Prezi

Budapest San Francisco Developed Versus Developing Countries Developing Country Differences between Developed and
Developing Countries Developed Country Examples Through Pictures Definition:
Is a country that has a highly developed economy and uses advanced technology, making it an industrialized country.

Examples: include Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, etc. Berlin, Germany Definition: Is a country with low living standards, an undeveloped economy, and low human development.

Examples: include countries such as Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Peru, etc. Economy is more developed
A large part of the population works in jobs that provide services to other people, such as restaurants stores, hospitals, schools, banks, and so on.
Depend on manufacturing (making goods using labor and machines) instead of agriculture (farming) Better form of government
The government is a democracy, meaning citizens have equal say in the decisions that are made regarding the country.
Have advanced technology, which is available every where. Have a high national income (meaning how much money citizens of a country make), high life expectancy rates, and high education rates.
Life expectancy: Is the expected number of years of life a person has.
Low life expectancy = bad (person will not survive long)
High life expectancy = good (person will survive well into their life) Most people in developed countries live in urban areas (or the city).
Good housing conditions.
Safe water supplies.
More than enough food to eat.
Advanced medical services which are easy to access. DEVELOPING COUNTRY Has low standard of living
Standard of living: means the level of wealth, comfort and material goods available in a country.
If a country has low employment, poverty, housing that is not affordable, and citizens cannot afford the basic necessities, it means that the country has a low standard of living. A large part of the population lives in rural areas (countryside)
High death rates.
Dirty, unreliable water supplies.
Poor housing conditions.
Poor access to medical services.
High levels of disease in some countries.
Poor diet. Economy is not as developed
A large part of the population depends on agriculture or farming to make a living, which does not allow them to make a lot of money to survive. Government is usually corrupt or unstable
It does not always think about the needs of its citizens. Lack modern technology DEVELOPED COUNTRY DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Pakistan, Asia Afghanistan, Asia Haiti, the Carribean Sudan, Africa DEVELOPED COUNTRIES Canada, North America France, Europe Japan, Asia Australia Reflect
What were some of the differences that you saw between both types of countries? Comparing Developed vs. Developing Through Video Developed of Developing> Which one would it be?
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