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Of Mice and Men

No description

Cassie Lowe

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

Of Mice
and Men John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is an American writer.
He was born in Salinas, California, on February 27th 1902 and died December 20, 1968.

He has written 27 books, including 16 novels, 6 non-fiction books and 5 sets of short stories.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. John Steinbeck Characters George Lennie Slim Curley Curley's wife Candy Crooks Carlson Chapter 1 Questions on Chapter 1 1. Who are the two main characters in the novel?

2. What is the name of the town they are fleeing from?

3. What animal does Lennie have in his pocket?

4. What is their dream?

5. Where do they head to to find work?

6. What is the name of Lennie's auntie?

7. Where does George tell Lennie to hide if gets in to trouble? Can you give a summary of what has
happened in Chapter 1? Slim Using your knowledge from the
past 2 lessons, write 5 adjectives
you would use to describe Slim. Slim's relationship
with George. Pg. 65-68 During this section of the novel, George
confides in George about Lennie. How can this scene develop our
understanding of both Slim and George? Task 1.

Re-read pages 65-68.

In pairs, find evidence to back up each of the points
on your worksheet.

In the last box, make your own point about George or
Slim in this extract and back it up with a quote. Slim is a ............................... used by
Steinbeck to .................................................
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