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What kind of person are you?

ESL lesson for High School students using the Pig Personality Test.

Harriet Smith

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of What kind of person are you?

What kind of person are you? Kind
Lazy Optimistic
Generous Choose 3 words that you think describe your personality... Now, let's try a popular personality test to see if you're right! Draw a pig (don't copy your neighbour). THE RESULTS:

What do you think about the test? Useful Fun Not very useful True False Accurate Inaccurate Interesting How can we find out about our personalities?
Ask friend/family
Maybe we are similar to our friends and families Finally, write a summary including:

What you think about the pig personality test,

What kind of person you are,

Whether your friends and family have similar personalities, or different personalities to you. Where is your pig?
Top of the paper = optimistic;
Middle of the paper = realistic;
Bottom of the paper = pessimistic; Which way is your pig facing?
Left = friendly, traditional, sensitive;
Right = creative, active, forgetful;
Front = honest, brave, adventurous; How big are your pig's ears?
The bigger the ears, the better a listener you are!
A good listener is probably sensitive, generous, and kind, too; How big is your pig?
Big = popular
Small = shy How many legs does your pig have?
0-3 = quiet and "a worrier"
4 = loud and confident
5+ = crazy!
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