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Personal Finance Project

No description

Samantha O'Brien O'Brien

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Personal Finance Project

Extra Curricular Activities
Faith in Action
Reasons for choosing a college
Location to my family
Environment of the college
Number of students enrolled
Wilmington College
# of students enrolled- 1,100
Location- Wilmington, Ohio
Mascot- Quaker Man
School Colors: dark green, light green, and white
GPA- 3.2
4 year college
Minors Offered
Wilmington Costs
Cost of tuition- $24,300
Room and Board- $9,600
Fees- $700
Majors Offered
Social Work (Major)
Psychology (Major, Minor)
Education (AB, Major)

#1 Major- Social Work (4 years)
Wilmington College
Personal Finance Project
Made By: Samantha O'Brien

Psychology (Major, Minor)
Music (Minor)

#1 Minor- Psychology
Reasons to Attend
It's a small school in a rural area.
It's a safe environment.
Choosing Wilmington over Others
I would choose this college over the other two because of the location, environment, and how small it is. Although the other two college are similar distances from home, I do not feel safe and they do not have the major that I want.
Interesting Facts
Wilmington is the only private college in Ohio that offers an Ag degree.
Wilmington has over 50 clubs and organizations.
Founded in 1870 by the Religious Society of Friends.
20,000 hours of community service are done by the students.
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