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Jannine 4th grade

No description


on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Jannine 4th grade

Jannine 4th grade
Math slide #2
I think as a 4th grader I will continue to work on using a protractor ro measure angles.

Math slide #3
Math slide #1
In math this year I have improved in many
ways. Most of all I think my explanations have improved. In 3rd grade I had troble coming up with explantions and now i am writing explanations like theres n tomorrow
Literacy slide #1
In book club I read the following Books:
Tales of a fourth grade nothing
Edward Tulane
Princess academy
Bridge to Terrabithia
Charlottes Web
My favorite book club book was Princess Academy Because Shannon Hale wrote the story beautifuly.
My favorite part of 4th grade math
class is doing our exit tickets, I feel like our exit tickets were great to work on if we felt like we needed a challenge.
Math slide #4
One study habbit I need to work on to become a successful 5th grader is to try to stay fully focused on my work because I am usually easily distracted even by the quietest soud
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