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Top athletes of the 80's

American Studies Prezi

Daniel Oatman

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Top athletes of the 80's

Top Athletes of the 1980's 8.)Larry Bird
3 time NBA champion, 2 time finals MVP 2.) Ervin "Magic" Johnson
5 time NBA champ, 3 time finals MVP, 12 time all-star 7.)Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
6 time NBA champion, 6 time MVP, and all-time leading scorer 9.)Julius Erving (Dr. J)
Scored 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 2,000 steals through his career 4.)Joe Montana
4 time super bowl champ, 3 time Super bowl MVP, 8 pro bowls, and ranked 4th overall all time best player by NFL.com 3.)Walter Payton
6 time all pro, 1985 superbowl champ, and once held all time rushing yards record 6.)Lawrence Taylor
Ranked 3rd all time of NFL players (highest rated deffensive player), 10 time pro-bowl, 2 time Super bowl champ, multiple time NFL player of the year 10.)Ozzie Smith
Won 13 straight Gold Glove awards 1.) Jerry Rice
3 time super bowl champ, 13 pro-bowls, rated best NFl player of all-time by NFL.com 5.)Pete Rose
All time leader in hits, at bats, and many other records (17 in all) Honerable mentions
Dan Marino
Cal Ripken Jr.
Bo Jackson
Howie Long
Rodger Clemens
Kirby Puckett
Mike Singletary
Leslie Fraizer
Wayne Gretzky

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