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The Emulation of Life's Genius: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Presented by: Jenny Lamy

Jenny Lamy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Emulation of Life's Genius: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Double click anywhere & add an idea "When we stare this deeply into nature's eyes, it takes our breath away, and in a good way, it bursts our bubble. We realize that all our inventions have already appeared in nature in a more elegant form and at a lot less cost to the planet. Our most clever architectural struts and beams are already features in lily pads and bamboo stems. Our central heating and air-conditioning are bested by the termite tower's steady 86 degrees F. Our most stealthy radar is hard of hearing compared to the bat's multifrequency transmission. And our new 'smart materials' can't hold a candle to the dolphin's skin or the butterfly's proboscis. Even the wheel, which we always took to be a uniquely human creation, has been found in the tiny rotary motor that propels the flagellum of the world's most ancient bacteria."
What is Biomimicry?
1. Nature as model
2. Nature as measure
3. Nature as mentor Case Study:
Imagine this... Case Study: Dolphins
Detecting tsunamis.
Dolphins are able to recognize the calls and sounds
of specific individuals up to 25km away
Dolphins have found a way to cope with the sound scattering
behavior of their high frequency, rapid transmissions
EvoLogics-developed a high-performance underwater modem for data
Case Study: Chimpanzees
How will we heal ourselves?
Chimpanzees have weeded through the thousands of plants to find ones with medicinal value.
Scientists at the Biomimicry Institute have discovered which plants can be applicable to human health
Veronia genus

Gaia and Co-evolution
How to explore our interconnection and relationship with the natural world
Earth Dance: Living Systems in Evolution
We are transforming the relationships between humans, creatures, and their
Cooperation and competition in survival of the fittest It's a prairie!
This system runs on sun and rain,
year after year, with no humans around to help cultivate the soil or plant the seeds Finding the sweet spot between
chaos and complexity Interactions
A necessary means of survival
Brian Swimme- "something comes into being through its interactions." Where do we go from here?
By allowing ourselves to "wake up" to this idea, we can further develop our worldview to include working with nature and not against it
-Bring children back to nature
-Encourage biologists and engineers to collaborate
-Encourage interactions in universitites
-Preserve life's diversity and genius
The Emulation of Life's Genius: Innovation
Inspired by Nature

By: Jenny Lamy
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