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4.02 Judicial Review

No description

Santeria Fields

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of 4.02 Judicial Review

The Honorable Ramona Salaverez

Today I will be interviewing Ms. Salaverez about her career of being a judge.

Santeria: How is your role in government different from an elected official?

Ms.Salvarez: My role in the government can be different from those who are elected officials, I am there to overlook the case and see the evidence, I'm there to make sure that all facts that are stated are facts and that everything is fair. Judges exist to serve the people. Us Judges aren't elected on political party, the presidents appoints this person not people.

Santeria: Okay, I can understand that. The president elects who becomes the judge because your main role is to focus on the people. So how are elected officials and judges the same?

Ms.Salvarez: I would say elected officials and judges are the same because we all serve for the same purpose, for the people. At the end of the day we all just want equality in our community and to know that we did all we could do for the people.

Santeria: And we as the people do appreciate that. Which brings me another question: Do you feel that judges are under appreciated?

Ms. Salvarez: I think we are appreciated, it's just I don't think the people of our country know how big of a role judges or political elected officials play in our country. But who's to blame? Things like that don't really concern people until election time and maybe not even then.

Santeria: That is very true. My mom said something similar to this yesterday when we went to vote, many people don't know the facts they just vote off what they've been told. So do you think judges should be elected?

Ms. Salvarez: I don't think judges should be elected, I think the way it is fine. The president being the one to choose this is better because the people wouldn't know exactly what to look for.

Santeria: So do you think debates and such things like that wouldn't help the people on who to elect as a judge?

Ms. Salvarez: I actually don't. Those 60 second commercials aren't enough to educate individuals about us. I'd just leave it to the president.

Santeria: So can you explain to me what judicial review is?

Ms. Salvarez: Judicial review is having the power to review and cancel laws of government if determined to be unconstitutional. Judicial review can also have the power to undo public policy.

Santeria: Could you use judicial review in one of your recent cases please?

Mrs. Salvarez: My recent case was against a music company that was offering a free trial, but at the same time was charging membership fees. The judicial reviews of this case were that the music businesses had stolen these peoples money, if there was going to be a fee then it should have been clear enough for users to understand and notify.

Santeria: So how did you rule this case?

Mrs.Salvarez: I ruled it by suspending the business for 90 days, they have to refund these people their money and within the 90 days they are to straighten out the kinks within their website or wherever the problem is located and fix it.

Santeria: I think that was pretty fair. Ms.Salvarez, I enjoyed this interview and I appreciate the time that you have spent with me today I've gotten a lot information from you and I greatly appreciate it.

Ms. Salvarez: Well your welcome, and it's my pleasure on educating you today.
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