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Retailer Marketing Decisions

No description

Analie Debaudin

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Retailer Marketing Decisions

Place Decision
Store location are always the most
important factors in retailing success.It is critical that "retailers select locations that are accessible to their target market in
areas that match well the retailer's positioning.
Target Market
Retailers must first segment and define
their target markets and then decide how they will differentiate and position themselves in these markets.
Product Assortment and Services Decision
Retailers must decide on three major product variables: product
assortment, services mix, and store atmosphere.

The Retailer's Product Assortment
- "The retailer's product assortment should differentiate the retailer while matching target shoppers' expectations."

The Services Mix

The Store's Atmosphere
- Retailers want to create a unique store experience, one that suits the target market and moves customers to buy.
Price Decision
A retailer's price policy must fit
its target market and positioning, product and service assortment, the competition, and economic factors.
Promotion Decision
- Retailers use some of or all of the five promotion tools: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations (PR), and direct marketing, to reach consumers.
- Most retailers have also created Web sites, offering customers information and other features and selling merchandise directly.
Retailer Marketing
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