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Chindogu Ideas for everbody

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Transcript of Chindogu Ideas for everbody

Chindogu It involves combining products that are completely unrelated to create inventions that are surprisingly useful First Aid Tie Close Future UmbrellaPhone If it is raining, protect your smartphone! Tie Pockets on backside. First Aid Kit Some basic needs like:
Antiseptic cream
Burn gel
Small plaster, etc. Always have easy accessibility to first aid for
ONE-SELF. Now your watch will bring your perfume with you! + Always forget to apply your perfume? Perfume Watch A headband + A bra A PHONE HOLDER!?!?! = Does the world look slightly smudgy – a little bit out of focus?
Fed up with your spectacles steaming up all the time? Then “always see” eco self clean glasses are for you! Cover your lens with strips of ultra thin Pilkington Activ glass .

Uses sunlight to break down dirt and grime.Dissolves dirt in the rain.
Tear off strips refresh the lens. + + = Connect your UmbrellaPhone to your iPhone
Call your friends when its raining!! Don't know where to
put your glass/cup
while reading? + a book with the cup holder! Have a
problem? Often spill your drink? There you go: = Extremely hot, sunny day... Feel yourself in the shadow! + The End Salvador Núñez Hernández
Akrawit Supapong
Sonam Khurana
Jacqui Fernie
Andrii Sinkevych
Mariia Anishchenko
Giada Rapisarda HATS UMBRELLA _____ _______ CANOPY _______
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