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National Education Research Forum Presentation about Blended learning in the ICT classroom: Engaging grade 7 students in blended learning activities that I implemented in one of the local schools in the United Arab Emirates. I presented this research pape

Hind Al Belooshi

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of NERF_Presentation

Engaging Grade 7 students in blended learning activities Blended Learning in the ICT classroom: Hind Al Belooshi Small scale action research Research Probelm Rationale Research Objectives & Questions Research Sample Literature Review Data Collection Implementation of
Actions Blended Learning as the main strategy
Features Limitations Following up November, 2008 April, 2009 Problem with student’s engagement in ICT classroom

Learners dependent on their teacher for their own learning
Research Objectives:
The effect of a blended/meaningful learning environment

Research Questions:
How will a blended learning approach (online using Moodle and face to face) help engage learners of Grade Seven with their ICT coursework?

Will the meaningful learning environment provided for the learners make them more independent and owners of their own learning?

Research took place at:
One of the local schools in the UAE
Practitioners of the research:
21 students of grade seven (aged 11 - 12)
Myself as a novice researcher
My colleague
The school mentor teacher
The supervising college teacher
Research Methodology:
Action research was used as the main method

Blended learning is the integration of the traditional classroom face to face (F2F) teaching and the web based learning (Sharma & Barrett, 2007; Pape, 2006; Dziuban, Hartman & Moskal 2004; Rubenstein, 2003; Collis & Moonen, 2001)
One of the New York High Schools implemented a blended approach in their schools which engaged the learners in and outside the classroom (Pape, 2006)
Characteristics of the blended learning are collaboration, connectivity, student-centered, unbounded learning and development of a community of practices (Kearsley, 2000)
UAE considered a wired country but driven with “chalk and talk” approach? (Pape, 2006) (Walters & Quinn, 2003)
Motivation is viewed by Morrow (2001, p.164) as “the tendency to return to and continue working on a task with sustained engagement”
Meaningful learning occurs when learners are making meaning of their own learning (Jonassen et al, 2003 Meaningful learning as a “community of inquiry” (Garrison & Kanuka, 2004)
Reflective Journals Artifacts Observations Questionnaires Student's work Interviews Validity, Reliability, Ethics, and Generalizability Guba’s criteria and Wolcott’s practical strategies were used for validity

Repetition and triangulation were used for reliability

Permission letters

This action research was not generalized to any other school context

Findings Time
Cooperation and school support
Technical problems
Limited features of blog Integrating more features of Moodle
Integrating ICT course with other subjects
Exchange learning experiences with other schools (locally/internationally) with the same grade level
Professional development sessions for teachers
Parent’s involvement
Implementing blended learning with different gender and age groups
Samples of students work http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/01eeab9f4c Blended learning enriched student’s engagement
Student’s participation has increased
Teacher’s role as became a facilitator
Moodle has changed the classroom’s routine
Student’s role as became a knowledge seeker
Students wanted to learn from and with others
It changed from passing information from teacher notes to students notes without passing to their minds
Student’s voices were clear through discussion forums and blogs
Discussion forums, instant messaging and blogs raised student’s curiosity and interest toward in ICT classes
A glossary with images and sounds were found helpful
Student’s took responsibility for their own learning
Students found writing about their own learning was useful and helped them to understand their own world better
Collaboration and an unbounded learning environment
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